VCA Wickaboag Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Wickaboag is a TEN in my book

-Merri from Leicester, MA
Pet Name: Two Dogs and Two Cats

I have been through the ringer when it has involved vets. Not only were the staff non-interested but the Vets that worked on my dog were doing extra procedures so that I would pay extra at the end of the visit!

I stumbled upon Wickaboag's facility by accident and decided to give them a try. There was not 1 upset staff in the entire building. They were all inviting and cared genuinely about the pets health than anything else.

When there was a problem with my pets health, they would explain every little fact of the matter to the point where I would walk out the door with confidence and knowledge of whats going on inside my pets body.

Again, I rate Wickaboag a 10 in my book, and have recommended it to everyone I know who owns a pet.

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Awesome care

-Tiffany from brookfield, MA
Pet Name: alice

I bring my puppy Alice here, and the staff is always so friendly and welcoming. They treat Alice so well and give us all the information we need for her and help us to improve her care. Very clean and professional atmosphere and I love bringing my dog here. I feel very comfortable with them and i am glad I made the decision to come here. Great job!!

Truly caring and sympathetic staff.

-Mary G. from North Brookfield, MA
Pet Name: Smoke

I went to this facility because of an emergency with one of my older cats who had gotten very sick very quickly. During the exam the news was grim, but the support and true care and empathy from everyone I dealt with was deeply touching and heartfelt. With honesty and openness, humanity and genuine warmth, I felt safe and that my cat's and my best interests were being taken care of. The week that followed, I received both a sympathy card and an imprint of my cat's paw prints from the facility with a hand written message of sympathy. This is truly a place for pet and caregiver alike. The level of commitment and caring is unparalleled in my humble opinion. I will continue to go with my other cats for regular checkups.

Dr Moreno

-Jennifer Bujnevicie from North Brookfield, MA
Pet Name: Coffee

We recently brought our dog into Wickaboag to be examined. We initially though she had a simple skin rash and would be sent home with some medication. We soon found out that she was very ill with Septic Blood. Dr Moreno was so very kind to us during this terrible time. She was honest and upfront but was also very sympathetic with us as pet owners. Our dog passed away that night, but Dr Moreno was amazing and made our experience at Wickabog a kind and humble one.

These people care

-James from Southbridge, MA
Pet Name: Tyler

My experience with the VCA Wickaboag Animal Hospital is rated A+++. My Cat, Tyler was having some very real issues. I called WAH, explained what is going on and they said to bring him right in. They did several tests all coming back fine. The Thyroid test needed to be sent out and typically I would of had to wait till Monday but the Doctor new my Anxiety and called me Sunday from his home w/ Results. Unfortunately the test came back fine. After eliminating all other possibilities, Tyler was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Saturday Tyler went to see God. Not only did the WAH Staff walk me through the whole procedure but the caring did not stop after the procedure was done. I may be 46 Years old but Tyler was my sidekick for 10+ years and I got emotional. My "Other" kids went off to the Military and Tyler and I was it. I was comforted by the Staff of WAH and today I received a very nice card in the mail from them. When...if I get another cat, VCA Wickaboag Animal Hospital will have another patient. Thank you so much for your kind words and compassionate ways of customer/patient care. God Bless. †