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Published: Apr 04, 2011

A canine that went missing after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan's northern coast on March 11 has been found and will soon be returned to her owner. The dog was located on top of a house, according to CNN.

Ban, the canine, was separated from her owner after the village where she lived was swept with a tsunami. The 2-year-old mixed breed belonged to a 50-year-old woman who has been in a temporary relocation center since the disaster.

Rescuers spotted the dog while using a helicopter to search for missing persons. Ban was starving and suffering from the frigid temperatures, according to the news source.

The owner saw the dog after video footage of her rescue was aired on television. She recognized the pooch, who was not wearing any identifying tags at the time.

The story is a reminder to pet owners that it's important to microchip or place identifying tags on pets at all times. In addition, dog and cat owners should take their animals to the veterinarian regularly to ensure that they maintain pet health.