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By Robert King, DVM
Published: April 05, 2011

Most everyone who owns a dog has heard of kennel cough (canine infectious tracheo-bronchitis). Many haven't heard of Canine Influenza (canine flu, CIV).

Canine flu is similar to "kennel cough," but can be much more serious and even
life threatening.

Dog owners who have dogs with a life style conducive to contracting canine flu should have their dog(s) vaccinated as soon as possible as protection against the disease takes at least one month following the initial vaccine to gain protection (provided the follow-up second dose is given two weeks after the first vaccine).

The following dogs are at risk for contracting canine flu:

  • Dogs that have traveled with their owners
  • Dogs that board
  • Dogs that go to obedience classes or dog shows

It is for these reasons that we require your dog be up to date with the canine flu vaccination in order to board or groom at our facilities.

If you have questions regarding canine flu, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail.