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-Jamie Kinnison from White Lake, MI
Pet Name: Tigger Kinnison

In these days and times that we are in, it is hard enough to stay on top of the finances, let alone taking care of your loved ones. When my cat Tigger came down with the diagnosis of Kidney Failure in 2006, I was devistated. The Vet I was with then wanted to put him down, right there on the spot. He explained that this was going to be a costly endeavor and financially this would be the best thing to do. Tigger looked up at me and said with his eyes "Really? Is this it?". Of course I said No and tried another option. I did some research and found his fluids on line for a low cost. Let me tell you, the cost per bag of fluids ran me $18.00 at the vet clinic and online it cost me $35.00 for 12 of these bags. Once I was used to caring for Tigger at home, I decided it was time to change Vets. I called the White Lake Animal Hospital. I used the online coupon at my first visit and was shocked how much less the blood test costs were than the other vets office. Tiggers blood levels were looking up. VCA gave me his medication at 15% less cost of the other vet too. I am so thankful to the White Lake Animal Hospital. Even when times are hard for businesses, they help out the customer and their furry family members.

In May, it was time for our oldest of cats to go to heaven, Rox was 18. She knew it was time. Even though she gave up a little fight in the end, the White Lake Vets made this process very smooth. They even gave us a little casket to take her home in. With this casket, it made me feel like Rox had more dignity during burial.

Between the White Lake Animal Hospital helping me to contain Tiggers Kidney Failure and Rox's proper burial I am noting but IMPRESSED with their service.

THANK YOU VCA White Lake Animal Hospital. I refer you to all my friends and family.


Jamie Kinnison

Tigger Thanks you
and I'm sure Rox Thanks you from Heaven.

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Our Roscoe

-Joe and Cyndy Ulreich from Waterford, MI
Pet Name: Roscoe

About ten years ago, I met and fell in love with a wonderful man, then moved to Michigan. My family was in Ohio. I got homesick many times and begged my husband to let me get a dog, a companion. We went toured the pets at the Humane Society. We met and fell in love with a mixed breed named Clyde. He was so cute with his "broken ears". He was part shepherd, part chow, part golden lab. We adopted him and he became such a wonderful part of our family. Since Clyde is also my father's name, we called our new pooch by the middle name "Roscoe". In fact, we called him "Roscoe with the Broken Ear". He was our protector, our son, our friend. When our grandson was born, Roscoe made it his primary duty to protect that boy. Whenever we saw Christian, we saw Roscoe. The two of them followed each other all over, always together. We loved him for ten wonderful years. After Christmas this last year, we noticed Roscoe was really starting to show signs of his age. He was eating much less, moving much slower, and just gazing at us like he knew his time was short. Eventually, he started having increased symptoms and had lost alot of weight. We had recently moved and had to find another vet to look after our Roscoe. My husband miraculously found Dr. Sara Beard at VCA White Lake. She listened to him and asked him about what was best for Roscoe. When we later realized Roscoe wasn't going to get better this time, we took him to ask her about end of life issues for our friend, our protector, our pooch. She listened to every word we said and helped us to feel at ease with the toughest decision we ever had to make. When the day came that we knew any further days would just cause Roscoe to suffer, I called to ask for help. We took Roscoe in that night. The wonderful staff told us to take all the time we needed to say good-bye. We sat right on the floor cuddled to Roscoe and loved him with all our hearts. Dr. Sara sat right on the floor with us and gave Roscoe peace. She was amazing at helping us feel the hardest decision we ever made was the best decision we could have made for our Beloved Roscoe. The entire staff allowed us to cry and grieve. Roscoe is chasing puppies in heaven now and we thank Dr. Sara and the wonderful people at VCA White Lake for their kind hearted and gentle ways, allowing us to have peace in our hearts knowing the our Roscoe is not suffering anymore. We miss him terribly, but know that we will continue to have our pets cared for by Dr. Sara and the kind staff at White Lake.

Compassionate Care

-Sandi Bockelman from Highland, MI
Pet Name: Pepper and Dakota

Dr. Richard Duhaime has been our trusted veterinarian since the late 1970s. He has provided outstanding care for our many dogs, cows, hogs and horses all these years and we wouldn't go any place else. The staff at VCA are always friendly and show so much compassion. Thanks so much!

Our Dear Delilah

-Marilyn Henderson from White Lake, MI
Pet Name: Delilah

I cannot thank the staff at VCA White Lake enough for the care and concern they showed us and our Delilah. We lost her recently and while her illness was going on Dr. Beard called on a regular basis seeing how she was doing. When it was time they were sensitive to our feelings and provided a quite private place for our family to be with her during her last moments.