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Published: Nov 10, 2011

In many instances, kittens will chew or suck on different items such as blankets, clothing and more as they are learning to explore and play. Many times this is a misdirected form of nursing that is comforting to young kittens, however, most cats grow out of this with age.

VCA Animal Hospitals reports that some cats maintain this bad habit well into adulthood and it becomes a compulsive disorder. This behavior is not only destructive to owners' belongings, it can also be dangerous for the cat as sometimes they may actually ingest the material they are chewing on which may lead to an intestinal obstruction.

First, owners need to assess their cat's living situation. If it doesn't have the appropriate means and outlets to play, such as objects for scratching, climbing or chewing, it may be resorting to sucking on material to get out its frustration or pent up energy. Once this is ruled out as a culprit, owners should watch their cats to see what their cat chooses to chew on and when it opts to do so. An owner may determine a source of stress during which time the cat turns to the chewing as a means of relief. The items it sucks on may need to be kept out of the cat's reach or the cat may need to be kept out of the room altogether to stop the issue.

It is ideal to determine the type of material the cat favors and find appropriate cat toys or objects made from a similar material to allow the cat to play with. However, if the cat is persistent in chewing and sucking, owners may need to bring it to a veterinarian health clinic to see if it is suffering from a disorder causing it to keep up the bad habit.