• Hospital Manager

    Laura Belle

    Laura grew up in Upstate, New York. She has always been an animal lover and had a dog, two cats, fresh water fishies, a parakeet, and two bunnies throughout her childhood!

    She began her professional career at 10 years old as a child performer, singing and dancing. In 1998, she moved to midtown, Manhattan where she performed and worked on Broadway. After performing in Broadway Musicals, she worked various jobs in the theatre from Usher, Box Office, Ticket Taker, to Theatre Manager in every theatre on Broadway. She then went on to work in Accounting, Finance, and Hospitality. Having pursued her passion in the arts, Laura began to search for a new career and passion. She is very happy to have found that in veterinary medicine and to be a part of the VCA Westside team!

    Laura lives in Petaluma with her Miniature Australian Shepherd Mix, Teddy Bear! Laura and Teddy enjoy playing fetch at the park with the ball and frisbee daily and long walks along Dillon Beach.