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  • Client Service

    Brandy Engel

    Brandy has been a veterinary assistant at VCA Westmoreland since January 2015. She is originally from California but loves living in Oregon. Brandy has 3 dogs, Charlie, Grizzly, and Diesel as well as 2 cats named Calvin and Stevie. She also has a fish named Oscar. When she isn't working, Brandy enjoys fishing, hiking, shopping, and road trips. Brandy says they thing she loves most about her job is the people she works with.

  • Client Service

    Courtney Howard

    Courtney is a veterinary assistant who joined our team in June of 2015. Courtney has been working in the field since she was 14 years old. She says her favorite part of her job is cultivating meaningful relationships with clients and helping the pets and owners of her community. She is very interested in animal dentistry and hopes one day to become certified. Outside of work Courtney likes to go hiking and fishing with her 4 year old son and shepherd mix named Mocha.

  • Client Service

    Jocelyne Siegrist

    Jocelyne started working at an animal shelter, then tumbled into the veterinary world about 7 years ago and hasn't looked back. She grew up in New Jersey and moved from Philadelphia, although she misses her family, she LOVES the West Coast. Jocelyne and her husband have 2 gray cats, Leif and Margot and one old lady dog named Shelly. Outside of work she loves going to the movies, knitting and gardening.

  • Receptionist

    April Plummer

    April is a client service representative at VCA Westmoreland since July 2015. April moved to Eugene from Tennessee in 2014. She has three cats names Zoe, Sharkeisha, and Bowie. When she isn't working, April enjoys hiking, painting and watching re-runs of Murder She Wrote.

  • Receptionist

    Carissa Ring

    This is Carissa's first foray into veterinary medicine and she really feels like this is where she is suppose to be and would eventually would like to get into the technical side of veterinary practice. She loves to meet clients and there furry children. Hailing from Grants Pass, she has lived in Eugene since 2015. Carissa has a kitty named Ashe who she found in a tree and a sweet old lady dog named Baby.