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Odin's Primary Care Vet

-Nancy Quinn from Northboro, MA

I just wanted to thank you all for your kindness yesterday, and in the past. People laugh at me because I referred to Dr. Wolfus as Odin's Primary Care Vet. You truly made us feel that you cared for him almost as much as we did, and were so understanding, patiently explaining, gently guiding and advising. Dr. Wolfus especially, and the rest of the team there, made dealing with this difficult time, and the last couple of years as Odin got older, so much easier. We would have buckled without your support. I tell everyone how awesome you guys are. Thank you. Nancy Quinn (Odin's Mom)

Thank you

-Bill Greene from Grafton, MA
Pet Name: Minnie

I wish to thank the entire staff at the VCA over the years we brought in our cat Minnie. Last night we brought her in as an emergency and she had to be put to sleep. She lived a long life (20 years old) thanks to all of you. Your staff was extremely compassionate during this difficult time. Both Laurie and I can not say enough about the staff's help and guidance during all the times Minnie was there. To lose a pet who has been apart of your family for so long was upsetting but we left there feeling everything was done and explained to us in detail. Once again thank you all for caring and your love of animals.

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the ultimate care

-Butterball's moms from Upton, MA

In November 2008, I relocated to Massachusetts with my four kitties. I was very concerned about leaving their long term Veterinarian, Dr. Tony Guerino of Portsmouth VCA, but he assured me that Dr. Klein and staff at VCA Westborough would provide excellent care. He could not have been more correct.
Butterball had been suffering from daily bouts of vomiting and weight loss. Dr. Klein began running tests and trying many methods to help Butterball feel better. After exhausting all less restrictive and less expensive methods, she finally underwent exploratory surgery where, sadly, we discovered that she had intestinal lymphoma. The initial diagnosis was poor-perhaps just a few weeks. However, the veterinary team did not give up on her or us and after digging a bit deeper, offered us hope via chemotherapy.
It has been a difficult road and many things had to be worked out as we went along but we have been fortunate enough to enjoy 17 more months of good quality life with her that would have been lost had it not been for the dedication and compassion of the VCA doctors and staff.
Dr. Klein, in particular, showed unending diligence and commitment to Butterball's care, being willing to research and seek out therapies to treat new problems as they arose. Her unending patience and compassion through my relentless stream of questions and worry has been admirable. Dr. Schettino was also called upon to impart his wisdom on several occasions and ultimately was her gentle shepherd to the other side. And over the past year and a half, Dr. Wolfus and all of the techs and staff came to know Butterball and offer a little piece of themselves to her care. Their gentleness, compassion and commitment is the yardstick by which all animal hospitals should be measured. We are very grateful to have these wonderful professionals, and we look forward to the exemplary care that the rest of the family will continue to receive for many, many years to come.

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The care we were looking for

-Holly Wood from Westborough, MA
Pet Name: Chai Wood

My hubby and I have been going to the Westborough VCA for 5 years now. Every visit is a warm and welcoming time. They are attentive, caring, genuine, and well educated. They treat us like intelligent pet owners, they ask us as many questions as they give answers, and are very encouraging in tough times. They're supportive and understanding. The whole staff does a great job of caring for us and our little ones. We have ferrets and Dr. Wolfus is really good with them. Working with us to make sure we have healthy strong animals. I recommend the Westborough VCA to every pet owner. I can not say enough good things about this hospital.

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A Great Supportive Vet

-Kayleigh from Grafton, MA
Pet Name: Felix

I recently brought my dog Felix in for an appointment since he had been having some trouble with some discharge we had seen coming from his eyes. For year we have been seeing Dr. Wolfus and despite the fact that we have seen him time and time again, it never ceases to amaze me how truly amazing he is at what he does. He waited for Felix to be comfortable before he looked at his eyes and made sure that we were fully informed on everything that he thought it could be, but more importantly what he was pretty positive that it was. You would think by now we would come to expect this type of interaction, but it is truly amazing each and every time.

Dr. Wolfus has been like a member of our family for a long time now. Back in 2009 he helped us through a very difficult time when our family dog Odin was getting sick. He truly made the worst of circumstances the best that he could be. We have comfort knowing that he was so cared for in his last remaining months.

I take comfort in knowing that whatever happens with Felix, there is a great team dedicated to doing everything they can to help him. And any animal lover will know that that is the most comforting feeling. Dr. Wolfus and the rest of the staff at Westborough VCA are truly angels and we are so thankful to have them in our lives.

Professional and Caring

-Karen from Shrewsbury, MA
Pet Name: Mandy

Our dog Mandy was a patient at VCA Westboro since we got her as a puppy nearly 9 years ago, to last week when, sadly, her kidney issues were too advanced and we brought her in for her final farewell. We've seen many of the doctors over the last nine years and have always been impressed with the professionalism and caring shown by the staff. Dr. Blais, in particular was a great support as Mandy's health deteriorated. We'll be getting another dog in the near future, and Westboro VCA will be seeing us again.

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-Jolene from North Grafton, MA

The VCA was very helpful with helping not only me but also my mother in educating us and helping with our first bunny Snickers. Not only did they just us plenty of suggestions but they also gave us plenty of online resources and places to go for help. I highly recommend the VCA to anyone who wants a vet that is also a hospital, with a very welcoming, friendly, helpful, and a office that they care about the animals in their care.

Thank you for everything Dr. Klein and staff

-Kevin Coffey from Westborough, MA
Pet Name: Jack

We have been bringing our pets here for years and we just want to thank EVERYONE for their compassion, understanding and expertise. Most especially, Dr. Klein. Recently our cat, Jack, was diagnosed with kidney disease and severe arthritis. He was 18 yrs old and had been with us nearly as long as our 20 yr old son. Dr. Klein helped us all come to grips with the difficult decision of letting Jack be at peace. In the past, with Tux and Happy, Dr. Klein was there as well. She helped us weigh options to make the best decision. She always knows the right thing to say and do. We are forever grateful to have a veterinarian like Dr. Klein. THANK YOU. I want to thank Judy and the rest of the staff as well. You are all so helpful!

Saved our vacation

-Russ and Mary Jane Yandon from Syracuse, NY
Pet Name: Rosie

While on our way to Maine from Syracuse, we stopped at the West borough train station to pick up our daughter from Boston. Before leaving, we took our dog Rosie out for a quick walk. When we got back in our motorhome we noticed blood on the floor. Rosie had a fairly deep cut on her back paw. Our daughter Nicole began to search for a animal hospital in the vicinity. She found Westboro and called. They asked where we were, and gave directions, and told us they would see her! When we arrived we were greeted so kindly by the staff. Rosie was treated swiftly and needed a little glue, 3 staples and the most adorable bandage!!!!! We can't thank you all enough for your caring and compassion for Rosie and her family far away from home! Because of your caring and professionalism this stressful situation turned into a very enjoyable family vacation especially for Rosie! You are all truly ANGELS! PS.. Rosie would like to extend her heartfelt thanks to Dr Phil Blais for helping her!!!

Caring and Compassionate - Dr. Sara Dalamangas

-Lucy's family from Southborough, MA
Pet Name: Lucy

We first brought our beagle as a puppy to VCA Westborough many years ago. She would have turned 12 yrs old this fall. Lucy was a sweet dog. When her health declined over the last weeks of her life, she let us know that it was time to let her go. She had the best possible end to her life. Our vet, Sara Dalamangas, and her assistant were compassionate and caring. Sara made sure that we took our time saying goodbye to Lucy and that she was never frightened or in any discomfort. We stayed with Lucy until the end. A few days later, we received a sympathy note from Sara. How fortunate we were to have found such a caring and skilled vet to care for our girl! Thank you to everyone at VCA Westborough from Lucy's family.