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A Saved Life

-Kim Rodkey from Harrisburg, PA
Pet Name: Gizmo

After days of caring and watching our little papillon, Gizmo suffer it was decided by our vet to put him down. He said he had exhausted all of his resources and could not figure out what was wrong with him and that he was suffering way too much. He is only 4 years old. We were heartbroken, he is our little boy. The vet said to take some time with him and bring him back at 4 pm. My husband just could not come to grips with this. He decided to get a second opinion. So he called VCA West Shore and they said to bring him right in. Dr. Davis was right up front with us and said that he was a very sick little dog. She made some suggestions and admitted him to the clinic. Dr. Davis and Dr. Buchanan worked together to help my little guy. They also worried that he may not make it through the night. With the immediate attention of IV medication treatment, and a diagnosis of encephalitis. 36 hours later we were able to bring Gizmo home. They saved his life. If we would not have gotten a second opinion we would not have our precious pet. We are so thankful to all of the Doctors and technicians who participated in the care of Gizmo. May God Bless all of you. Kim and Mike Rodkey

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Knuckles Says Thank You

-The Smith Family from Etters, PA
Pet Name: Knuckles

Dr. Richards and Staff,

Thank you for staying late on Saturday 9/11 to take care of Knuckles. Everyone was truly professional even though we had you there past closing time. Knuckles made a quick recovery and is back to himself.

A great big Thank You!

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Quality Service and Care

-Mr. and Mrs. from Mechanicsburg, PA
Pet Name: Dylan

Our dog Dylan loves going places, but when he goes to the vet, these trips are often more stressful for me than they are for Dylan, because the dog is not often on his best behavior. The staff and Dr. Richards do everything they can to make the process easier for both of us. Dr. Richards is always careful to explain everything about whatever is going on with my dog. When I had problems administering a medicine, Dr. Richards followed up via telephone and prescribed a dosage that worked and then called again in two days to make sure Dylan was still doing well. I don't get that kind of attention and followup at my family doctor. The dedication of the staff and doctors at VCA West Shore is phenomenal. I am always quick to recommend them whenever someone I know adopts a new pet. Although there are 2 different veterinarians within a 5 mile radius of our new home, I insist on taking Dylan to VCA West Shore. I know with the quality service and care that I get there, we will all have many happy years together!

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Pinnacle Care

-Bradley T. Jones LPN CCHP from Etters, PA

My first Visit to VCA west Shore Animal Hospital was a sad one. I had to put my Onslow (golden retriever) to rest due to cancer, The staff where great and took there time with Onslow, and gave him loving care in his last moments. Every question I asked was answered. After 2 weeks of missing my golden I found Phoenix 8 week old Golden Male, My regular vet is over and hour away Due to the professionalism level of the staff and there caring ways It was hard to walk through the doors again, but I decided to Place Phoenix Under there Medical care. My first visit with the new puppy was a experience I have never had before. The Tech,and Dr Davis took there time with Phoenix, and answered all my questions! I asked Dr Davis about staring Phoenix as a rescue dog she left the room and came back with a book to show me references of contacts, with web site toview. Phoenix was so relaxed there he fell asleep on the exam table! Dr Davis and her staff held my new puppy for about 10 min I was never treated so well before. I was given information on VPI Pet insurance (I never knew that this type was available.) Also a information pack on having your new puppy. This was so helpful! I have been to Vets before with new puppy's and Never given such great information. Even who to call in a emergency for after hours! I could go on and on about the pinnacle of service and care they provide. I have been a Nurse for 24 yrs and NEVER seen so much great care from the minute you walk in the door. there is always a smile on there face with a greeting Hello, how may I help you? When your done signing in for the visit The office staff ends with stating

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Thank You

-Ellen Scherff from Mechanicsburg, PA
Pet Name: Mynx

Drs. Buchanan, Davis, Richards, and all VCA Staff,

Thank you all for the wonderful care and love provided to Mynx over the years. I know I wouldn't have had her with me as long as I did without that care.

Thank you again,
Ellen Scherff


-Eileen Rotz from Etters, PA
Pet Name: Benny

I just adopted a kitten from the YSPCA an he is being treated for digestive issues the staff is very good with Benny and sympathetic with my concerns with him.

Thank you

-Kim Bogdan from New Cumberland, PA

I wanted to thank Dr. Richards and his staff for making Coopers final day count. It does my heart good to know that the decision I made was the best for Cooper. My only regret is that I didn't take Cooper to VCA first. Me and my family have suffered a great loss, but we know Cooper is in a better place now. So thank you very much for taking such good care of Cooper.

Thank you

-Jenn from Etters, PA
Pet Name: Bongo

I have brought my cat Bongo to your office for 19 and a half years now, along with all the other pets I have owned. Recently Bongo has really been feeling his age. Along with not being able to hear, bad vision, sore teeth, kitty alzheimers, high thyroid .... you name it... he got another abscessed tooth witch caused a lot of swelling in his little face...I called the office and was scheduled for an hour later. Dr. Richards was great with Bongo, my daughter and me. And his main concern was Bongo's quality of life. -Not doing all sorts of tests and putting him and my wallet threw the ringer. He just wanted to make him feel better. Which he did! A few days later I stopped in to get more food and was recognized by name and even Bongo was remembered by the staff by name. This is a great place I am glad I found all those years ago. Thank you again~ Jenn

continuing care

-joan campbell from camp hill, PA
Pet Name: Rainer

Our pets have been treated here at West Shore Vets since the 1960s, and we have found them unfailingly kind, caring, and professional through the years. As you can see, they have provided final passage for many of our beloved friends, and have always gone above and beyond for us in our grief. Our shepherd is being cared for now by Dr. Davis, who understands him as well as we do.


-The Varano Family from Harrisburg, PA

I would like to thank everyone who took care of me in my time of pain and distress. I was just adopted by my new parents (who by the way have not cared for a puppy in more than 20 years) and within a very short period of time with my new owners, I started having terrible pain doing my duty. I was in constant pain and crying continuously, and I heard them saying that I could have an infection. My new parents could not believe being born on August 1, 2011 and just adopted in October, just 2 months old, that they were already off looking for our first Vet visit. Unfortunately, my first experience with my doctor was not what I expected and the pain and crying was getting worse. As we left the vet I heard my parents day, "that's it, we're done with this place, let's see if we can find another vet that will see us immediately".
Next thing you know we are walking into the VCA West Shore Animal Hospital. Of course I'm still in pain and crying, causing a scene in the waiting area, but before you know it, someone strange picked me up, and within a short period of time, and a lot of hands rubbing my body, my pain seemed to get better. Within days I was back to my good old radical self chewing everything in sight. I would like to thank everyone who was in the office that day. They were so kind to me. Most of all, I want to thank Doctor Davis, who showed me kindness and love on such short notice (she even thought I was really cute, too) VCA West Shore Animal Hospital gives a whole new meaning to the word "CUSTOMER SERVICE". We have been back many times to make sure I continue to stay on a healthy track, but what is really cool is they now greet me by my name SOPHIE ROSE