• Hospital Manager

    Jennifer Hufnagle
    School: University of Colorado, Bachelor of Science

    With an insatiable need to be where the wild things are, Jennifer left her urban Philadelphia roots behind to pursue her passion �" wildlife biology. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado, she began her professional pursuits as a research associate at the department of Environmental and Radiological Health. After dedicating her time and energy toward understanding the impact of space on cancer cells, Jennifer decided to focus her efforts on impacting the ecosystem on earth. As a field technician and rehabilitator at the Rocky Mountain Raptor Center, Jennifer worked tirelessly to rehabilitate and reintroduce raptors into the wild. Just like her winged counterparts, within a few years, Jennifer was ready to spread her wings and return to her native habitat. Upon returning to Philadelphia, Jennifer managed a local emergency animal hospital prior to joining VCA as a communications manager at one of our sister hospitals and then had the opportunity to join VCA West Shore as the Hospital Manager. When she’s not developing customer and pet centric solutions for VCA West Shore Animal Hospital, Jennifer can be found kicking a soccer ball around the local fields of center-city Philadelphia or hiking the trails of Pennsylvania with her five dogs.

    Why I do what I do:
    I find great personal and professional fulfillment in working in the veterinary hospital industry.I am passionate about creating business processes and practices that provide better experiences for the clients and their pets.

    Special Note:
    Jennifer has only been with us a short time although she has implemented training more geared towards the “client’s experience” while they interact with our team. Her commitment and compassion along with her knowledge and leadership skills has opened the doors to great changes that our hospital will see as well as the clients noticing the changes. We’re very excited for the upcoming months and the ideas that will become a reality. She is a very talented team leader and just an enthusiastic person to be around.