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Published: Jun 24, 2011

Dusty the cat, of San Mateo, California, has developed a rather odd habit. It seems the kitty suffers from a bit of kleptomania. He has stolen over 600 items, including stuffed animals, towels, sponges, sports equipment and even a brassiere, from people living in his neighborhood, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Pet health experts are baffled by this bizarre cat behavior. "It's extreme, but it's absolutely adorable," Marilyn Krieger, a cat behavior consultant in Redwood City, California, told the news source. 

The cat, who was adopted from an animal shelter, began this strange habit about four years ago. At first Dusty only gathered things from his pet parents' home. But soon he began to venture out into the neighborhood, pilfering from homes nearby.

The cat has become somewhat of a celebrity, and was featured in People magazine, as well as made appearances on David Letterman and Animal Planet. His nighttime kleptomania has been captured on YouTube, and his videos have become quite popular.

According to Time Magazine, despite the fact that they have lost a few items, most of the neighbors who have fallen victim to this adorable thief don't mind too much.