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-Linda Ball-Cooksey from Albuquerque, NM
Pet Name: Little Bruce

I had just been through the worst 6 months of my life, including diagnosis of stage 4 Cancer, losing my father, losing 2 uncles I was close to, stopped working, along with your garden variety life problems and recently had gone through a massive surgery and was trying to recover although by this point I was also battling the "why bother" depression......... when my dog, the biggest (and often only) light of my life, got sick. He would not eat for 2 days and was completely lethargic. Since he outweighs me, is stronger than my husband and I together, and not completely well-trained (yes, we're working on it!), I despaired of getting some medical attention for him and thought I was going to lose him. A very special vet from this hospital took heart and told us he'd help. This was taken care of after the receptionist took the time to hear - and care - about how we'd tried to call over 50 other (mobile and house call) vets and could not get anyone to come help. The vet and his assistant made an exception to the rules and came and helped us get the dog to the clinic so he could be checked out and treated. Not only that, I was told to stay home (due to my health and very shaky emotional state by then) and was kept well informed of what was going on. My dog is now home (Thankfully) napping off the sedatives he was given for his procedures. Things are looking a lot better. NOT only did they help my dear pup, but without knowing it, lifted a black cloud from my heart. I cannot say Thank you loud enough. Thank you.

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All, and none of what I expected

-katonah from albuquerque, NM
Pet Name: Sasuke

After reading some not so-favorable comments on the internet, from former customers claiming they felt that this veterinary service pressures pet owners to up sell tests and procedures, I knew what to expect when I made an appointment for service. So I was not surprised when the vet tried to explain that my buddy was exhibiting signs of a certain ailment, but they said they thought it was congenital vs. acquired, which meant many more diagnostic tests would be needed. So I go back and forth with the doctor on what care they thought should be considered and what I felt was necessary. I absolutely did not like the vet and my attitude reflected such. The vet remarked that they would be right back after they came up with some estimates of the price. Then something happened when she came back in, she actually seemed to personally care. We candidly discussed the realistic fact that even with treatment, my buddy wasn't going to get better. She showed me the respect as a dedicated pet lover, that gave me the confidence to make the decision to let my buddy finally stop suffering. Though I miss my buddy dearly, she is at peace, which she desperately needed. I am truly grateful that I decided to go. Thanks


-diane from albuquerque, NM
Pet Name: mouse

I was first referred to VCA West Mesa from my vet that was going to retired and he referred Dr. Caffey to me since one of my pets had a mass in her mouth, he came and checked out my pet and knew exactly what my pet had. He stated to me that this will require surgery and blood work to remove the mass out of her mouth. Dr. Caffey is a caring and compassionate vet. He will tell me what i need to do and he knows that i am on a limited budget just like everyone else is and he came back with an estimate and it was reasonable considering that my pet was suffering from a large mass in her mouth. Needless to say he removed the mass did a follow up and she was on a road to healing. He has been my vet for the past eight years and he is excellent in the works that he provides to care of my animals. He does not pressure me into unnecessary tests. He tell me his recommendation and i tell him what i can afford and he tells me what the important tests that need to be done runs an estimate and then i know what to expect before hand. I would recommend VCA AND DR. Caffey to my friends and family since he highly educated not out to make a buck and is very compassionate about my pets needs and definitely my concerns. I can call him anytime and he always returns my calls even if my pet just has the sniffles. Thank you VCA AND DR. Caffey for the great job that you have done for my pets...

Puppy Momma Horrified

-Bandit from Albuquerque, NM
Pet Name: Bandit

This testimony is a testament to VCA West Mesa on 2611 Coors Blvd., Ste. B in Albuquerque, NM. I want to extend a world of gratefulness to Dr. David Caffey, Bernadette, Tabitha, and Nicole for their assistance in saving my puppies life. My puppy Bandit ate dishwasher detergent pods and I did not realize to what extent or how serious of a condition that could possibly develop. He became critically ill and was rushed to the VCA West Mesa location where I was politely assisted by Dr. David Caffey before the clinic was even open. He and I pulled up at the same time. Though I had arrived before opening time, he assured me that they would get me right in. I also encountered Bernadette who saw that I was waffling around trying to get Bandit’s leash on, she politely asked if she could assist. From the time I drove in the parking lot, I was greeted with the concern and compassion during this emergency with my four legged little boy. Nicole checked me in and again, recognizing Bandit from his previous visits; she showed great concern, calmed my nerves and assured me that they would take great care of Bandit. Once I was checked in and directed to a private waiting room, I was greeted by Tabitha who is by far one of the best representatives and cheerleaders for these animals. She talks to them lovingly, she is always calm and on this day, in spite of my horror with Bandit’s condition, she was able to make me laugh. She is an awesome young lady who truly loves animals. Dr. Caffey came into the room to examine and treat Bandit. He was very kind, professional and straight forward about what they were going to do right away and what they may have to do as Bandit's condition is monitored. I did not have medical insurance and Dr. Caffey took the extra time to discuss all alternative options. Though I wanted immediate care on all levels to make him all better, Dr. Caffey was able to do the preliminaries that ruled out the need for more extensive medical treatment which spared me significantly on the medical bill. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate this VCA location and their AWESOME STAFF. I even received a follow up call to see how Bandit was doing yesterday. Though Dr. Shiri Hoshen was not on duty during this emergency, I would like to extend the warmest “Thank You” to her for her consistent (TLC) genuine care and attention for Bandit since I brought him home from the Humane Society on May 5, 2015......Thank You All So Very Much!!!! Bandit's Mommy