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-Cory and Diana from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Zeus

Zeus had surgery at the VCA with Dr. Romagnano this week and we are so grateful that not only Dr. Romagnano took excellent care of him, the staff was extremely kind to our little guy. They hand fed him after surgery and we received calls from Dr. Romagnano several times after his surgery and while he was at the VCA. Everyone was amazing.

Such a great place

-long time client from Los Angeles, CA

I have been here with several pets. Every Doctor I have seen is amazing, and the front employees are always great and happy to help. I really feel like my animal kids are in the best hands here, and I won't take them anywhere else! Thank you VCA for all of your help, for saving my little girl, and for all that you do!

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Thank you on behalf of Sophia and myself

-Nancy from Playa del Rey, CA
Pet Name: Sophia

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for the recent diagnosis, treatment and care of my dog Sophia. I knew that I had made the right decision to have her cancer surgeries at the VCA West L.A. because every time I said, "Let's go see Dr. Rabe" she'd wag her tail and run to the door--a pretty good indication that she was in good hands if you ask me! The staff was consistently professional and respectful of me and my pet. I'm very grateful. Thank you!

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Miracle Workers

-Janette Sears from El Segundo, CA
Pet Name: Squirt

The staff at VCA West LA have truly worked a miracle. My Italian Greyhound, Squirt, was in a terrible accident and shattered his leg when a heavy metal cylinder that was not bolted onto the sidewalk fell on him, during our jog. I was devastated, the doctors were unsure if his leg was even repairable and I could not wrap my head around poor little Squirt, only one year old, having to have his leg removed. Nevertheless, my fiance and I were reassured that they would do everything they could to save Squirt's leg. Four and a half months later, Squirt still has his leg and we could not be more grateful then we are now for the love and care that Dr. Bierens, Dr. Mueller and Michelle, as well as everyone else At VCA West LA showed us during the entire recovery of Squirt. We really couldn't have done it without you and will always be thankful.

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Thank you Doctor Theresa Loo

-Yelena from Marina del Rey, CA
Pet Name: Masha

A week ago, I found a big lump on the neck/under chin of my clumber spaniel Masha. You can imagine how distraught I was. I Googled it and few things came up, one worse than the other. I took Masha to VCA right away as an emergency and we got lucky to be taken by Dr. Theresa Loo. She asked us so many questions, creating a map of Masha's health. She has treated Masha as her own dog, with the kindness and the utmost attention to details. She made a correct diagnose and gave us the right treatment, because in 3 days the lump was considerably gone, and today, 7 days later, it's practically disappeared. We have medication left for whole other week, which seems to be just right. Dr. Loo was warm, personable, attentive and very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you, Dr. Loo �" from the bottoms of our hearts, Masha's and mine :-)

Because of you Baxter can see

-Lisa from Glendale, CA
Pet Name: Baxter

I took my deaf jack russel to another vet who told me Baxter had an ulcer in his eye. Surgery would cost $1700 which I could not afford. I felt terrible my little guy was deaf and now could see out of only one eye. Thank goodness for Dr Marcione who gave me other surgical options at a much more affordable price. Baxter had his eye surgery and can see once again :)

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Exceptional Care

-Frank M from Washington, DC
Pet Name: Sissy

Dr. Polk and Sarah were outstanding due to the extra attention given and problem solving diagnosis. I could not be more pleased with their expertise, and attention given to my cat.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

-Casha from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Baby

Baby is my English Bulldog that has been coming to VCA since she was 5 months old. She loves coming to VCA and since she is a Bulldog that means she gets to be there often. Recently, Baby had some serious issues that required a lot of care. Thankfully, Dr. Rawlinson, Dr. Yoshimoto, and their awesome vet assistants were there to get Baby feeling better. Thank you so much for treating Baby with such awesome care. I am so grateful to the office staff too for submitting my pet insurance claim forms, scheduling her appointments, helping me find prescriptions I lost somewhere at VCA, and everything else. We love coming to VCA knowing that no matter what, Baby will be treated exceptionally well.

A Priceless Gift

-Nancy from West LA from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Jett

As a long time client of the world's best Veterinarian, Dr. David Bruyette, I always followed his recommendation that large dogs should begin annual Senior Wellness Exams at age 7. Every year Jett, my Standard Poodle, sailed through the exam without a problem. When Jett turned 12, I confidently dropped him off for his exam, knowing that he was the picture of health. At the end of the day, I was shocked to find out that a routine chest x-ray revealed a growing mass in his lung. Thank goodness Jett was a patient at VCA West LA, because every specialist he needed was right there on staff. An entire lobe of his lung was removed by an outstanding surgeon. Then the Oncology Department administered a prophylactic chemotherapy treatment. Jett soon regained his health and resumed his career as a Therapy Dog. The lung cancer never came back. These amazingly capable veterinarians, all of the specialists working together as a team, and an unbelievably caring hospital staff gave me a priceless gift --- a bonus year and a half with my wonderful Jett.

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One of the Best

-Anne from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Jake

Our visit was great. I appreciate the cleanliness of the hospital, the knowledge of the staff, and the warmth and caring of the doctors. They treated our pet like he was one of their own. It was a great visit!