Veterinary care for rabbitsVCA West Los Angeles treats rabbits as well as other exotic pets. Veterinary care is important to keeping your rabbit healthy. Common problems seen in pet rabbits include gastrointestinal stasis, overgrown molar or incisor teeth, heat stress/stroke, mites, and respiratory infections. A wellness exam is important in a newly acquired animal to ensure he or she is healthy and cared for properly. Yearly physical exams are also recommended as the rabbit ages. Teeth should be examined routinely for abnormalities and a balanced diet enriched with coarse vegetation fed to maintain adequate wear of teeth and to prevent of overgrowth. At 3 or 4 years of age, annual blood work is recommended to look for early signs of disease such as kidney or liver disease and high calcium values which predispose rabbits to bladder problems. Spaying and neutering is essential to a rabbit’s health. At around 4-6 months of age, male rabbits should be neutered and female rabbits should be spayed. Neutering helps curb aggressive behavior in males and can deter territorial problems like urine spraying. Uterine and mammary cancers are common in unspayed females.

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