Any species outside of dog, cat, and farm animal is considered an “exotic” species. At VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital, we have an Avian & Exotics department that has extensive training in the care and medicine of these unique pets. We offer house calls for those animals that experience significant stress with transport, or for those who would be more comfortable being seen in their home environments.

Our Avian & Exotics team will also see many farm species, including miniature pigs (see Miniature Pig Care and Husbandry). We offer a full range of services for these special pets, including hoof/tusk trims, annual exams, fecal parasite checks, blood work, and hospitalization/critical care.

Please see our Avian & Exotics Department (http://www.vcaspecialtyvets.com/west-los-angeles/departments-doctors/departments/exotic-animal-medicine) website for more information.

If you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment for your exotic pet, please call (310) 473-2951.