Veterinary Support

  • Technician Manager

    Richard San Mateo

    Richard San Mateo is a Registered Veterinary Technician who is a Technician Manager at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. He is also our hospital Safety Coordinator.

  • Technician Supervisor

    Eisanne Tanimoto

    Eisanne Tanimoto is a Registered Veterinary Technician who is Co-Technician Supervisor - Operations at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital.

  • Technician Supervisor

    Cindy Ziegler

    Cindy is a California native and has been a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) for over 25 years. She began working at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital after graduating from Los Angeles Pierce College and receiving her RVT license in 1987. She then completed a zookeeper course and did fieldwork at the Los Angeles Zoo. While at VCA, Cindy worked at a variety of general, emergency, and specialty practices, including an exotic animal hospital. In 1999, she completed the rigorous requirements and was accepted to sit for the first Veterinary Technician Specialty (VTS) exam in Emergency and Critical Care. After passing and receiving her VTS (ECC), she briefly worked in the Critical Care Unit at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. She returned to VCA WLA and worked as a Co-Technical Supervisor. She is now Director of Training and Continuing Education for the Veterinary Support Staff and is in charge of training employees, veterinary technician students, and giving continuing education lectures. Her interests include anesthesia, CPR, emergency/critical care, lecturing, nursing care, pain management, teaching, toxicology, transfusion medicine, trauma, and triage.

    She has three scruffy dogs (Penelope, Madeline, and Harold), a seriously handsome Maine Coon mix (Yoshi), an adorable dwarf hamster (Dora), and a magnificent Betta fish (Orlando). Her hobbies include hiking, reading, spending time with her critters, and family.

  • Registered Veterinary Technician

    Stephanie Cantrell
    Veterinary Tech School: Portland Community College

    Stephanie Cantrell is a Registered Veterinary Technician in our Oncology Department at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. She was born in Baton Rouge, LA and raised in Portland, Oregon. Knowing that she wanted to work in the veterinary field since she was in High School, she wasted no time in enrolling in the Registered Veterinary Technician program at Portland Community College. During her schooling, she was nominated for the prestigious scholastic award presented to her by the governor of Oregon.

    After graduating at the top of her class in 2000, she moved to Southern California where she worked in private practice; eventually working her way up into management. After missing the connection with her patients she decided to move to Los Angeles and accept a position in our Oncology department in 2007.

    Stephanie now resides in Manhattan Beach where she enjoys surfing, beach volleyball, running, and hiking. She owns two dogs, a black Lab named Samson and a Pit Bull named Buddy.

  • Registered Veterinary Technician

    Renee Pearson

    Renee has worked in veterinary hospitals since she was 21 years old when she decided to walk into her local veterinary office near Washington D.C. and ask for employment. While juggling full time college and another job, initially Renee worked as kennel assistant then receptionist and eventually trained to become a critical care technician after the hospital upgraded to a 24-hour emergency facility. Renee received her Registered Veterinary Technician license in 2009. She has spent the last 12 years of her career at VCA WLA. For the last 10 of those years, Renee has been in the Internal Medicine department as the Department Lead Technician, working with Dr. David Bruyette. Her interests include teaching, emergency/critical care, endocrinology, hematology and zoo medicine.

    In her free time, Renee enjoys travel, being a gym rat and playing amateur chef to a willing table of family and friends. She shares her home with Ophelia, the cutest Dachshund mix ever, and 2 handsome cow-kitten brothers Fling Bat, and Moo Moo Magoo.

  • Surgical Supervisor

    Michelle Jacklin

    Michelle Jacklin is the Surgery Department Co-Lead Technician and has been with VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital family for the past 4 ½ years. Michelle graduated from Orange Coast College with an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and Science in 2002. With the love and passion she has for animals, she decided to go back to school and graduated from Professional Veterinary Assistant and Alternate Route School in 2008, then passed the Registered Veterinary Technician exam in February of 2012 with much excitement.

    Michelle has been working in the veterinary field for the past 9 years. She has worked in an all cat clinic as a veterinary assistant then at a small animal practice as a veterinary technician. Michelle wanted to work in a specialty hospital and joined the VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital team in 2009. She has a passion for surgery and transferred into the surgery department in mid-2009.

    On her days off, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband Danny and 4 little nuggets Fudge, Lilly, Snowy and Charlie. She adopted Fudge (a poodle mix), Lilly (a Shih Tzu) and Snowy (toy poodle) all from VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. (They definitely get spoiled.) She has a soft spot for all the injured and sick little ones.

    Michelle and her family love traveling to Mammoth, Kona, Hawaii, or New York whenever they can. She also enjoys taking road trips across the country -- she has been to every state in the U.S. except Alaska, which she is hoping to travel to someday. Michelle also has a passion for music, nature, hiking, and surfing.