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Special Group of People

-Linda from Oregon City, OR
Pet Name: Madison

My little chihuahua has been going to VCA Animal Hospital, West Linn, since I got her 3 1/2 years ago. She has received such good care and is a hit with all the staff. Just recently she has developed a very serious medical condition. Dr. Erbach, Dr. Jeter, and the whole staff have given 100% to make her feel better. They handled both patient and owner with patience, kindness, and caring. Their love for and dedication to, animals really shows.

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Best Vet Ever

-Marie from West Linn, OR
Pet Name: Alice

My Aussie mix has been going to VCA since we adopted her almost 5 years ago. She was diagnosed with Cushings Disease 3 years ago and has received excellent care from Dr. DeVault. It is a tricky disease to control, but having a vet that we like and trust has been very helpful. Dr DeVault's caring manner and wonderful sense of humor make her the Best Vet Ever in my book!

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Very Caring People

-Jeff Gundell from West Linn, OR
Pet Name: Hoover

We cannot express strongly enough how grateful we are for the care and love that Dr. DeVault, Jennifer and the entire staff showed for our yellow lab Hoover. From her first visit to her final moments, it was obvious that the staff understood just how special she was. Hoover will be missed terribly, but the people of VCA West Linn will be part of our happy memories of her.

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What an Amazing Vet and Staff

-Kelley Jackson from Gladstone, OR
Pet Name: Tater and The Amazing Eight

Dr. DeVault, Barb, and Patty, went above and beyond the call of duty. We are grateful beyond belief for help in saving my dog and her puppies (The Amazing 8!) The kindness they showed us was so refreshing and selfless that I can't thank them enough!

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Want Great Care from a Wonderful Staff

-Melody's Spoiler from West Linn, OR
Pet Name: Melody

The VCA clinic in West Linn is truly a place of love and caring from those who answer the phone, to the techs and the vets. We have been with them for well pets and for an ill pet and her death. Dr. Melissa Devault has walked with us through each need with each animal. She is as good with the owners as she is with the pets. We strongly recommend this clinic to those who want the best of loving care for both themselves and for their pets.

Thanks to all of this wonderful staff!


-Kathy from West Linn, OR
Pet Name: Ruby

Our dogs have been patients of VCA West Linn for the past 8+ years. From vaccines to surgery and from whelping to final end care this empathetic and professional staff has always provided our dogs with the best veterinary care possible~ including acupuncture. I have and will continue to recommend VCA West Linn to other breeders and pet lovers without hesitation

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You are the best

-Linda, Terri from West Linn, OR
Pet Name: Sparky, Hershel, Cooper, Sasha

After 3 dogs (all rescues) and a cat being served by VCA in West Linn, we know that you are the best! Our Springer Spaniels have had excellent professional care for an assortment of allergies, skin conditions, ear crud buildup, and what-have-you. But perhaps what we most appreciate is the genuinely caring attitude of everyone there. We will go no where else.

Great job

-Tigger and Opals Mom from Oregon City, OR
Pet Name: Tigger and Opal

We have brought our pets to VCA for years. A few months ago we lost our senior cat (19 years old), who was a patient to the end. The doctors and staff helped us make decisions for Marshmellow, making it a lot easier on us when it did come time to say goodbye to her. We now have two kittens that VCA has seen in a caring and professional way. They exam you pet from nose to tail tip, explain what you pet's concerns are then lists different ways to help you pet get better, if needed. I'd recommend VCA for anyone. good

The best Vet

-Pat Olson from Oregon City, OR
Pet Name: Dazee Mae and Spanky

I started going to VCA WL 15 years ago with my standard poodle...After she passed we got Dazee and Jake (now gone). We just automatically went back here because of the good care we Dazee and Spanky go here and we have received great care for all the health concerns and checkups.

I thank the staff for their care and knowledge for my dogs and their friendliness to me.


-Gretchen from Lake Oswego, OR
Pet Name: Jinx

We have had several dogs over the last 15+ years. We have continued to go to WL Animal Hospital because the staff provides top notch services. They are kind and respectful to both their patients (our pets) and to pet owners. When we had to have our beloved black lab, Jake, put down they did an excellent job of helping us deal with the process, provided emotional support and follow up after the event. We recently got a new dog and they have continued to provide top notch care at reasonable prices. The doctors do an excellent job of explaining treatment choices also.