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Published: Nov 04, 2011

Many pet owners enjoy the company of their cat so much they decide to get a second one as well. In some cases the transition from one pet in the home to two goes over smoothly, however in some cases the first pet can start to become outwardly aggressive to the new addition.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, to combat this problem between two cats, owners should try to keep them separated at first. To be successful with this, owners will need to confine the new addition to one room or a separate portion in the home. Here, make sure the feline has all the pet supplies it needs, like a litter box, bowls for cat food and water, a bed or climbing post and whatever else an owner may want it to have. During this time, allow the first cat to roam around the rest of the home as usual.

While the two animals are apart, they will still be able to smell each other and know that there is another cat in the home, though without direct contact. By setting them apart each animal has their own space and territory. Once the animals have settled into their routine, try to have them interact for short spurts of time. Make sure to encourage play and even offer treats to let each cat know they are doing a good job. According to VCA, the process takes time and rushing things will only make the problems worse.