VCA West Bernardo Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Loving Care

-Rochelle McReynolds from Palm Springs, CA
Pet Name: Sonny

I cannot say enough about how this vet clinic treated my wonderful cat Sonny. I was visiting Rancho Bernardo for the summer and my 14 year old adopted Main Coon Cat Sonny was not eating. I was hesitant to take him to a new vet but I decided that taking him sooner was better than transporting him back to Palm Springs. I was amazed with the care he received. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was liver cancer and I asked the clinic and Dr. Robins to do everything they could to make sure he was comfortable. He was an out patient for a few days while the staff stabilized him so I was able to spend a few more precious days with my pal of 11 years. I took him home to Palm Springs where he said his goodbyes to loving friends. He was surrounded by love and light when he passed. The care Sonny received was exceptional and I highly recommend this vet for pet care. Dr. Robins and his staff are awesome!

Very Caring and Compassionate

-A very happy client from Rancho Bernardo, CA
Pet Name: Rusty

While we mourn the loss of our dear lab, Rusty, age 15, we have to sincerely thank you all for making his long life so wonderful. Through all his medical "situations" you were always there with professionalism and caring. Our very special thanks to Dr. Hackett, she is a GOD! Now that we've lost 2 pets in the last 9 months, w need to grieve again. (You helped us with Hannah just 9 months ago.) More special thanks to Sharon, Gina, Nan and Karla, as will as Dr. Savage and Dr. Robbins. You're all the BEST! (and techs I am surely forgetting) When I get the courage, you'll see me again with our next dog. Til then, stay well and continue to enrich our pet's lives.

Wonderful Hospital

-John from Rancho Bernardo, CA
Pet Name: Rocky

Just wanted to thank you all for all the services you gave our beloved dog "Rocky"

Wonderful Clinic

-D May from Rancho Bernardo, CA
Pet Name: Belle

Our veterinarian (Dr. Savage) is such a nice and kind person. She always cares so much for our animals - you just know they are in good hands when Dr. Savage cares for them. She is very smart and gives excellent guidance. She advises what is in the best interest of the animal's quality of life, which can be hard for an owner to determine.

In addition, Nan is one of the veterinary technicians. Both Dr. Savage and Nan provided wonderful support and empathy when my dog passed away of old age. It is a very difficult time, and they did not have to spend the time with me that they did. It is a true testament to their dedication to both the animals they treat and the owners who accompany them.