VCA West 86th St. Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thanking VCA for our friend for Life

-Lynn from Indianapolis, IN
Pet Name: Tuesday Davis

Our lab/boxer mix got loose late one night and was left in a ditch after being hit by a car. My sweet furry friend was given 40% chance to live because her diaphragm was busted open which allowed her heart to be displaced, her liver was lacerated and her ribs were broken. Since her surgery at VCA and her after treatment she went on to compete in frisbee contest. She won the a junior frisbee contest and was on the news. We retired her when she turned eight although she still has a lot of life in her. She is now 15! and enjoys playing with our baby yorkie. Thank you so much VCA for all the years we have had with our furry friend that would have been cut way short had it not been for you.

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So much compassion for my dog and me

-Carol Stout from Indianapolis, IN
Pet Name: Nemo

I want to thank the VCA West 86th St Animal Hospital. I did the most devastating thing and ran over my own dog. Not only was the medical facility top notch, but the staff was understanding and caring through this horrifying experience. My poodle, Nemo is home and running around now as if nothing ever happened and all because of the great care at VCA.
I've had pets all my life and have gone to many different vet clinics, but never found a clinic with such caring staff from top to bottom. I will always bring my pets to VCA for their routine care.
Thank you to the staff and great Doctors at this location.

C Stout

Long Time VCA Client

-Dr. Kristie Stewart from Indianapolis, IN

I have been a client at VCA since 1990. The business has incurred many changes over the years but I remain a loyal customer for two reasons: the doctors and the staff. Many doctors have come and gone but the quality, compassion, and expertise has remained the same. They all have a pride in what they do and have an understanding that my dogs are more than pets, they are part of my family. And I can say without reservation that Dr. Mark Petersmann is one in a million. But it is almost impossible to have such good quality doctors without supporting staff. The first point of contact for the customer is the front staff, and VCA has the best. They have been in that position for many years and I am able to go in or call and they know who I am and know the needs of my dogs. When quality staff stay for that long and always greet with a smile the organization has to be doing something right. I would recommend the VCA West 86th Street location to anyone and recommend with pride and confidence that others would get the same great service that I have received for over 25 years.

Above and Beyond

-Jack and Helen L. from Indianapolis, IN
Pet Name: Cooper

When our dog Cooper was severely injured and required surgery, Dr. Mark Petersmann performed the surgery and Cooper’s recovery is 100%. At the time my wife was hospitalized so Dr. Mark himself transported and gave Cooper the loving care needed. When Dr. Mark moved to VCA West 86th St we followed so as not to lose a great veterinarian. The drive takes from 60 to 75 minutes each way. It is well worth it for the care Cooper receives. After several routine and non-routine visits it has become evident why Dr. Mark went to this facility. The whole staff works together as a well-coordinated team, are friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable and go the extra mile to help pet and owner. We now not only take Cooper for his checkups, but purchase his medications and food from VCA due to their well-maintained stock and competitive prices for quality products.

VCA West 86th St. Animal Hospital is the greatest!

-The VonDerAhe Family from Indianapolis, IN

VCA West 86th St. Animal Hospital is the greatest! Our fur babies have been privileged to be in their care. Our first occasion to need their service was quite traumatic as our young Pit Bull had consumed anti-freeze. Fortunately they had the antidote. After a couple of days our princess was back home no worse for wear. Because of the professional and loving care she received, Heather and I decided to have her health care transferred to VCA. A few years later Sinsae developed a tumor on the side of her face. A referral was made and the tumor removed. Aside from her routine check ups and teeth cleaning she remained quite healthy and happy. When she was 3 yrs. old a friend gave us a Jack Russell puppy (Cosmo). Sinsae quickly adopted him and taught him the ropes. I guess if you want a quiet, laid back JRT it helps to have a Pit Bull nursemaid! Of course Cosmo was taken to VCA for his puppy check right away. He had a skin condition which cleared up after a series of medicated baths. As a nurse I am a strong advocate of preventive medicine. (Micro Chips, Heartworm Prevention and routine vaccinations along with yearly health checks and dental care) When Sinsae was 13 she developed a tumor on her foot which grew very rapidly. After consulting with us it was decided to remove the toe and surrounding tissue. We knew there was a strong chance for recurrence. She did well for about a month and then it returned with a vengeance. Despite pain meds she was uncomfortable and the tumor continued to grow. Because she was older and had arthritis in her hips we knew the time had come to let our sweet lady go. (Amputation of the leg was our only other option). Her death was beautiful! VCA's compassion and support allowed Heather, Cosmo and I to be present and as she passed over the rainbow bridge. Our tears were for ourselves not having that gentle soul with us anymore. More bad news, Cosmo had developed a severe heart murmur. Because they caught it early he was able to be treated medically. The last two years Cosmo and I have spent more time at VCA than we would like. He suddenly began gaining weight and became very lethargic. He had developed Cushings as well as gall bladder problems. Because of has heart condition, he wasn't a candidate for surgery. It took some doing but medication and diet worked miracles and our boy was almost back to normal. Shortly after Christmas he again became listless, stopped eating, drank lots of water and peed floods. Back to our friends at VCA. Diabetes! I am happy to say now that his diabetes is under control, he is back to his much younger self. Chasing chipmunks, squirrels and doing important Cosmo things. Because of the knowledgeable, caring, dedicated staff at West 86th Street VCA we have more time to love and enjoy our fur baby! Each and every person I have had contact with at VCA has been professional, knowledgeable, caring and gentle. I would highly recommend them and do! Thank you VCA!

The people at VCA West 86th Street are very caring

-Micky Owens from Indianapolis, IN

I travel quite a bit and have to board my asthmatic diabetic cat. They take such good care and treat him like a celebrity. They love him as much as I do and I know that he is well taken care of while I am away. We are fortunate to have such caring people handle our pets.

Can't Say Enough Thank You's!

-Jackie from Indianapolis, IN

I really cannot find enough good things to say about the care our kitties and bouncy Bobdog have received from everyone at the 86th Street VCA. It has been more than 15 years since we first took one of our beloved furry family members there. Each and every time, we have felt welcomed and supported and we have been sure that the attention our pets get and the advice we are given about their care will be the very best. We know that the knowledge everyone has about pet care is exceptional but more than that we know that the care and compassion we experience there is genuine. I can't find enough good words for everyone at VCA, and I can't say enough thank you's!

Praise & Appreciation

-Pat Scott from Indianapolis, IN
Pet Name: Lady Spirit

It is my pleasure to speak words of praise and appreciation for the VCA Clinic at 4030 W. 86th Street. The love of my life - my overweight toy poodle, Spirit. My eyes get all watery when I think about my pet's health and challenges, but I have found that her doctor, Dr. Haas, has always shown her care and concern for Spirit and offers her recommendations for treatments. She also understands Spirit's challenges and makes sure she has the best and kindest treatment. Now, I want to speak about Laurie and Jill, specifically. They are the greatest. They welcome you warmly and Laurie is always available very early in the morning when I have to drop off Spirit. Jill understands Spirit's weight challenges and she shares her like challenges with her pet. I just feel so at home with them and the other workers. A special word for their groomer. She is so gentle and caring and she does an excellent job every time. Spirit only knows VCA because she has been their patient for 10 years. I thank the representatives and Dr. Haas for all you do, especially telling me about the Care program which is awesome. You are all awesome and I am so grateful for you and your care and concern. Keep up the good work!!!! Peace be with you!