Newtown Square Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Manager

    Victoria Bonner
    School: University of Delaware, Bachelor of Science

    Tori has been working for VCA Family Pet Resort for almost six years and is currently the Assistant Hotel Manager!  She has always had a passion for working with animals and has been training her own dogs from a young age.  To Tori, interacting with the pets comes naturally!  She especially likes to work with the pets that have behavioral issues and need special handling.  She hopes to continue to work with dogs and would like to become a Certified Dog Trainer and/or Agility Trainer.  Tori's hobbies include hiking with her dogs, visiting local parks and exploring new places, watching movies with friends and family, and training/teaching dogs agility tricks and obstacles.  She has two dogs, Coda and Abby, and a Betta Fish named Bruce.

  • Kennel Manager

    Michael Grau
    School: West Chester University

    Michael started at the VCA Family Pet Resort in 2011 as a hotel attendant. Through hard work and dedication to the Pet Resort he was promoted to Kennel Manager in August of 2014. His favorite part of the job is the challenge of working with all the different personalities of dogs who come to visit.  He also studied Biology at West Chester University.

  • Kennel Supervisor

    Patricia Fields

  • Kennel Supervisor

    Casey Twardowski
    Veterinary Tech School: Harcum College

    Casey has been a Hotel Supervisor and Daycare Attendant at VCA Family Pet Resort for about three years!  She enjoys getting to know the dogs and having experience with all the different breeds of dogs!  Casey would like to become a Certified Veterinary Technician.  She likes to hang out with her friends and family, play field hockey, and go to the beach!  Casey has three dogs of her own, Sheldon, Jordan, and Princess. 

  • Kennel Assistant

    Fiona Carnegie
    School: University of Aberdeen, Masters in Scottish Studies

    Fiona has been a Daycare and Hotel Attendant at VCA Family Pet Resort for one year!  She really enjoys getting to the dogs' personalities and figure out what they enjoy best about daycare.  She likes to make sure that each dog is engaged, mentally and physically, during daycare so they are happy, healthy, and tired when they go home!  She plans on finishing her dissertation for her MLitt and graduate!  Fiona's hobbies include hiking and swimming and she has a dog named Monty!

  • Kennel Assistant

    Shelby Crowding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Heather Mendala
    School: University of Delaware, B.S. in Animal Science

    Heather has been working a VCA Family Pet Resort for almost a year an a half as a Daycare Attendant.  She loves to teach the pets new things because it makes her feel like she has accomplished something.  She also loves the satisfaction the owners get at the end of the day when their dogs go home tired!  She would love to become a certified dog trainer and teach agility classes.  She would also like to become pet CPR certified as well!  Heather enjoys playing in a volleyball league and plays 6 nights a week! 

  • Kennel Assistant

    John Wesley

    John has been an Overnight Kennel Attendant at VCA Family Pet Resort for about one year!  He really enjoys interacting with the pets that stay with us and making sure that they are comfortable while away from home.  John's hobbies include playing basketball, video games, fishing, and spending time with his friends.  He has a dog named Titan.

  • Groomer

    Janice Deal

    Janice has been grooming since 1996 and has been here at the VCA Family Pet Resort since the doors opened in 2008. Janice does baths, brushes and little trims and specializes in grooming old dogs and cat nail trims. Her relationships with her clients and their dogs is vitally important to her and she will always take time out of her day to talk to them about any of their concerns.

    She currently lives in Morton with her cat, Betty Bea.

  • Groomer

    Karen McCarthy
    Veterinary Tech School: Harcum College
    School: Median School of Allied Health, Associates

    Karen McCarthy has been grooming dogs since 2008.  She has been working here at the VCA Family Pet Resort since October of 2010. She grooms dogs of all shapes and sizes but especially loves grooming the big hairy dogs and has a large clientele of newfoundlands and golden retrievers.

    Karen has an Associates degree in Animal Center Management from Harcum College and an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology from Median School of Allied Health.

    She currently lives in Collingdale, PA with her black lab mix named Jetta. Jetta is an especially spoiled dog who gets to comes to work with her mom everyday!

  • Groomer

    Bobbie Mummert

    Bobbie has been working with dogs since she was 16 in vet offices and shelters but for the last 17 years her focus has been dog grooming. She has been working here at VCA Family Pet Resort since the doors opened in 2008. Bobbie loves her job because everyday is different with dogs: they keep you on your toes and no two are alike. Bobbie has 2 cats (Snowball and Courtney), 1 guinea pig (Teddy), 1 rabbit (Lucy), 2 turtles (Nemo and Crush), and 5 dogs: Pepsi (Orpei), Gage (dachshund), Roxy (terrier mix), Dexter (mix), Elsa (chihuahua). People always ask Bobbie, “why would I want so many animals at home when you work with dogs all day?” But for Bobbie, animals are her life and always have been.

  • Groomer

    Diane Zikowitz

    Diane, the VCA Family Pet Resort Grooming Salon Manager, has been grooming dogs since 1969. While many consider her to be a expert in grooming the Standard Poodle, she considers her area of expertise to be the terrier.  Over the years she has groomed several champion show dogs, and currently grooms a champion Irish Setter. Diane loves a challenge and is always willing to work with dogs that are not so fond of grooming.  Diane has a loyal following of clients for whom she has been grooming their dogs for at least 30 years but she is always happy to welcome in new furry friends!. No matter the breed of dog, you will never be upset with a groom done by Diane! 

    Diane lives in West Chester with her two dogs, China, a Pekingese, and Bogus, a Jack Russel Terrier.