VCA Wellington Animal Hospital Testimonials

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I love VCA Wellington

-Clarissa McKay from Loxahatchee, FL
Pet Name: Zeus, Tempus and Lil

I have been taking my dogs to see Dr. Wood for years. Dr. Wood and her staff have been wonderful. They provide top notch care and creative solutions to difficult problems.

Dr. Wood was the first veterinarian to correctly diagnose a life long skin disorder in my lab mix, Jasmine, as a by-product of allergies. Dr. Wood put her on allergy shots and Jasmine was able to truly enjoy her last years without the constant itching and skin infection that had plagued her up until that point in her life.

I have a Rottweiler that can be difficult to handle, especially when receiving medical care. Dr. Wood and Kelly work hard to make him feel comfortable and relaxed during his visits.

The doctors and staff at VCA Wellington are dedicated and caring. I won't take my dogs anywhere else!

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Caring and Professional

-Brenton from Wellington, FL
Pet Name: Kado

My first experience with the professional and caring team at VCA Wellington will keep me coming back for all my veterinary needs. From the warm reception and relatively painless paperwork to the comfortable and professional care they gave to Kado, my six year old Shiba. I was put at ease almost immediately. This being the first time my best friend had ever been anything but his rambunctious and loving self, I was pretty anxious about what may be causing the painful rash that had spread so quickly on his skin. Dr. Robinson was thorough and knowledgeable in her investigation and quickly put my mind at ease. Her diagnosis proved correct and with a few prescriptions and a horribly embarrassing cone in hand and fitted an my poor Kado-pup we were out the door quickly and without a single yelp or tear. I will definitely recommend Dr. Robinson and VCA Wellington to all my friends and family and am so thankful to have found an such an excellent care giver for my four-legged best friend.

Misses VCA Wellington

-Kevin and Lesley from Winter Springs, FL
Pet Name: Hershey Kisses

My name is Hershey Kisses and I was a patient at VCA Wellington for 8 years. I moved away with my owners, but I really, really miss the care I used to get at VCA. Dr Wood and Kelly made me want to go to see the vet!! Even when I was really sick, I was happy I was there... and let everyone know. They always made me feel better, sometimes all I needed was a cookie and a hug from Kelly! I keep telling my owners we aren't that far away and we can drive there to get my nails done, but they say it is too far.... VCA was the best, and I just wanted to let you know!

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Always Great Service

-Boojh's Mom from Wellington, FL
Pet Name: Boojh

Thank you everyone at VCA Wellington for the love and compassion you have shown my cat. Thank you for listening to all my worries with care and understanding, you always put me at ease. Finally, thank you for the love and concern and great care you show toward Boojh. I can truly see how much you love and care for animals each time I come in.

You guys rock

-Joanne Carey from West Palm Beach, FL

Just wanted to thank Dr. Wood and Destiney (and of course the rest of the Wellington staff) for the support and wonderful care you have given me and all my cats. I am so happy to know that when I have a problem you all are there! I have used many vets and never have felt as comfortable as I do with you all. Thank you!!!