Veterinary Support

  • Technician

    Patti Kozak

    My love for helping animals and seeing both the success and sometimes sad outcomes is why I love being a veterinary technician.  I know every day that I have made a difference in someone's life in regards to their "furry" children.  Born in Detroit, and moved to Florida in 1998, I pursued getting into animal care after 18 years as a paramedic.  I was fortunate to have wonderful doctors to help pursue learning to be a technician.  I have rescued several dogs and cats.  I really enjoy taking care of animals and helping owners with their pet care needs.  I have one son and three grandkids and recently remarried.

  • Technician

    Kelly Smith

    Born the youngest of 7 Kelly started her veterinary career at a very young age taking care of neighbor's pets medical needs. She received her first pet rabbit from her neighbor at the age of 14. Many pets were to follow including her first Shih Tzu at 15, that's when she first fell in love with the breed and started exhibiting the breed on her own dogs and handling for other AKC Dog Shows starting in the 1990's. She has had several champions and Best in Specialty Winners. She has been currently working and showing her Yorkshire terrier who won a Group 2 in his first show! She continues to work on titles for her "kids". She had her own private animal rescue for 10 years and adopted over 500 pets to their forever homes with a new family to love and care for them! As the nutritional counselor to VCA Wellington, Kelly can help you find the correct food to keep your "kid" happy and healthy. Her other areas of expertise include positive training and educating new clients on care and well-being of their pets and also works in alternative medicine and animal behavior.

    In Kelly's words:

    I learned early on in life the kind of unconditional love that pets give to us everyday.
    Everywhere I went animals and I had an attraction to each other, whether in someones home or on a large farm. I took care of the sick ,injured or missed placed animals and nursed them back to health.
    Taking care of the neighbor's dogs helped me realize that I wanted to care for animals and become a veterinarian and help the sick and injured, who do not have a voice of their own. So I started working at my at vets office, then I was hooked , I went to school and then started working at the hospital at the school. One of the biggest joys of working in this field is when you have a client with the new baby, and you can help them with the decisions on how to raise your new pet. When someone brings a new pet into their family, that pet also becomes part of our family!!!! We speak for those who have no voice .We laugh ,we cry , we hold the hands when it is time to let their pets go. They are our pets too.
    We are here to educate,guide and grow with our families.  It is wonderful when you hear from a new client that they have had dogs all their life, and no doctor has ever told me as much as you have in 10 minutes!!! This is why I think we all get into this field to help and guide people and to help those who cant speak for themselves.