Stacy Oquist, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, Ohio State University


Dr. Robinson is a Buckeye in every sense of the word. She was born and raised in Ohio and attended Ohio State University for her Veterinary degree. She graduated from OSU in 2006 and moved to Florida to be closer to her mom, who lives on the Gulf coast. She began her DVM career at Simmons Vet Hospital, but in 2008 accepted a position with VCA Wellington. She enjoys the smaller, friendly atmosphere here at VCA that allows her to spend lots of personal time with the clients and to really focus on their pets.

In Stacy's words:

I have amazing memories from growing up with animals-riding horses, playing with dogs and cats and having a great time. As a young girl I thought I might want to be a veterinarian. But people discouraged me. They said 'Its too hard to get in...the hours are long...the pay is no good'. So I decided to try engineering school. Well, that didn't work out. Luckily I soon found a job as a vet tech. And it was amazing! Every day was a different, exciting, new challenge. After awhile I decided I really did want to go to vet school and I worked really hard to make my dream a reality. Today I love helping animals and strengthening the bond between pets and their owners. I enjoy the medicine. I feel like a detective piecing together clues to figure out what is going on with a pet. I feel that it's my duty to give a voice to the ones that can't talk for themselves. I'm glad that I followed my heart and pursued my dream.