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  • Groomer

    Fay Kleinow

    Fay has been grooming since 1994. She joined VCA in 1995. She has always worked with pets. Before becoming a groomer, she worked as a kennel assistant. Grooming has always been her love.

    In Fay's words:

    When I was a little girl, I always found a lot of peace when I was with my cats. When I grew older I traveled the U.S. and Europe. Upon returning to the U.S. I needed a job and thought about my love for being around pets. I wanted to make a difference for dogs and cats so I applied for a job in a boarding kennel during the holidays. I stayed there for 14 years. After that I became a groomer. Everyday I come to work I get the same enjoyment I did as a little girl caring for the cats and dogs I groom. If I ever hit the lottery I want to open a shelter for unplaced dogs and cats to guarantee them the safety and love they deserve.