Veterinary Support

  • Certified Veterinary Technician

    Jenni Cruse

    I was born in Live Oak, Fl and moved to Wakulla county in 1984. I graduated from Wakulla High school in 1993 and started to work here,(then Forest Animal Hospital) for Dr.Jolly Rogers. I moved to Atlanta in 1996 where I went to work for Dr.Gary Bullard at Bullard Animal Hospital and attended technical school. I moved back home in 1999 and got my license to be a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2003. I have been employed here (VCA Wakulla Animal Hospital) since my move back.
    I am married  to Rod and have 2 sons, Austin and Trevor, and have two 4 legged daughters, "Lucy" the jack russell,my baby "Charlie" the doberman.

    "My love for animals started about the time I could walk. I always went with my grandpa to feed the cows and farm animals and loved it! If you wanted to find me, all you had to do was look where the animals were.."

    When I am not working..... I am enjoy spending time with my family in the outdoors: camping, fishing, hunting, mud bogging and what ever else we can find to do together.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Dana Ferguson

    "Caring for animals is my favorite thing to do. I want them to feel comfortable, safe, and loved when they are under my care."

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Elsner Patti

    I grew up in Central Florida which back in the day was much like Crawfordville. I have a small family and love them all. We are a very close family.
    I started working here in 1992 when Doc Rogers was the owner, I worked with him for 8 1/2 years until he retired. I also worked with Dr. Hughes during that time for 7 1/2 years. Once Doc Rogers sold the hospital I then left and worked at another animal hospital in Tallahassee for 5 1/2 years, and I've been back here at VCA Wakulla Animal hospital for 2 1/2 years. I've come a full circle and feel like I'm home again.
    I am an animal lover of course, but I also love eating good food, boating, water sports, and anything to do with nature. I love knowing that I have a part in making the pets feel better!

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Alyssa Show

    I've worked here at VCA Wakulla Animal Hospital for the last five years. I have LOVED animal my entire life. In Fact, I'm currently attending FSU (GO NOLES!) in hopes of graduating in the Spring of 2015 with my BA in Biological Sciences. My goal is to be accepted into the College of Veterinarian Medicine at UF (I Gators) to one day be a vet myself. I grew up in Wakulla County and have been surrounded with pets since I was born. If you ask our Technicial Manager, Jenni, she can tell you more than one story about how I was present with many of them during their hospital visits. In one case I was particulary vocal, looked up at her and insisted, " One day I will work here,"...I was about 6 years old. Ten years later, I put in my application and reintroduced myself to Jenni and Karol and well, here I am! I was hired on as a kennel tech and have worked my way up to vet tech. I can't express how much I enjoy accuring the amount of hands on work I have gained from my time here at VCA. My favorite task is educationg clients on the many topic related to their pet's needs and health.

    My family rasies, breeds, and shows  Jack Russell Terriers. They currently have eight, each a bundle of love and energy! I recently moved to Tallahassee and while I didn't  take any of the Jack's with me, my roommate has a black lab mix and a domestic medium hair cat. which I have particually adopted as my own. Zeus, the lab mix loves snuggling with me on the couch and enjoys chasing a laser pointer around the living room. Gracie's the cat, her favorite hobby is playing with her catnip toy.

    Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me and for choosing VCA Wakulla Animal Hospital to treat and care for your pet. I look forward to seeing you during your visit!