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Thank you for your care and kindness toward us....

-Arlene L. Mazochia from Everett, MA
Pet Name: Meisha

I rescued Meisha from a shelter and Tennessee when she was 10 weeks old. We sought care from VCA Wakefield since the day I took her home. The thorough care that she received and the education for her well being that I received was utterly amazing! We saw several vets over the years, and they were all compassionate, kind, gentle, extremely intelligent, and very informative. My baby passed away a couple of months ago, and it was devastating for me. I called Dr. Pelletier because I felt as if it were my fault, as I am sure many of us that lose our animals do. Dr. Pelletier's words to me were the most kind, compassionate, healing words that I have ever heard. She consoled me beyond belief. Her compassion, understanding, and personal touch, helped me to find the peace that I desperately needed. Thank you VCA for everything. I have since adopted my foster dog Gino, and we look forward to our first appointment at VCA, so Gino can meet the wonderful, amazing staff, who always treat us and our pets, as family.

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Excellent care for our pomeranian!

-Laurie from Stoneham, MA
Pet Name: Coby

My Pomeranian is almost 16 years old. He started limping a few weeks ago, on a Saturday and we simply couldn't wait until Monday to have him seen by his regular veterinarian. We called VCA Wakefield on Sunday morning to try to get him an appointment. Even my first initial interaction with them via the phone was excellent. They were supportive, caring, and very helpful in getting me in that same day for a consultation. Once we arrived, the unbelievable care and attention continued. I never felt like anyone cared so much for my dog as the staff at VCA. It is an amazing feeling when a medical team seems to love your dog as much as you do. They were especially attentive to the fact that he was an older dog and definitely took that into consideration during their examination and treatment plan. They asked for a thorough background and listened intently when I gave them all the details. They listened and understood his sensitivity to certain meds. and prescribed accordingly. And, they followed up more than once to make sure my little guy was doing okay. He is completely healed now thanks to the correct medication and treatment plan. I will be making VCA his permanent hospital as a result of this one amazing experience. Thank you to the entire staff there for helping our elderly dog get back on his feet!

Lucie-Maggie dental surgery this past Thursday.

-Hilary Rogers Mochi from Wakefield, MA
Pet Name: Lucie Maggie

Dear Dr. Pellitier: You performed dental surgery on Lucie-Maggie this past Thursday. She's recovering well and I wanted to thank you for your kindness and love for animals. I put my faith in you to take care of her and you did take care of her and had the most wonderful bedside manner! Kind regards, Hilary & Richard Mochi (parents of Lucie Maggie & Bebe)

Being there when needed

-Marta E. Schlapp from Irving, TX
Pet Name: Lucky

I was on a long business trip in Wakefield, MA along with my two cats, Lucky and Venus when Lucky started to getting ill. Someone at work suggested Wakefield Animal Hospital since they took care of some stray cats at the work location and it was close by. I made an appointment and Lucky and I were in the next day. Unfortunately Lucky died of an fast and aggressive strain of cancer and Venus, my other cat, was examined so she could be boarded at one point on our trip home to Texas but all the staff at your hospital were professional and compassionate through this incident especially in light of the fact that my cats and i were strangers in a strange place. Thanks for everything and for having a well run and compassionate animal hospital for all pets and their guardians.