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Thank you a million times

-Katheryn Soto from Lynn, MA
Pet Name: Uno

I want to thank everyone for helping my little rabbit Uno get better. He's hopping around, eating very well, and he really has grown. Uno’s paw is all better and he's the same ol' bunny that I know and love. A big thank you to Dr. Sip. She was extremely nice and extremely helpful, and so was the whole staff. Again, thank you a million times for everyone’s help. I really appreciate it, and I know Uno does too ^.^

first visit

-c.c. from peabody, MA
Pet Name: c.c.

hi my name is c.c. and my first visit with my parents was on tuesday may 1st my right hind leg had been bothering me for about 2 weeks. they brought me here to be seen and without an appointment because we missed our earlier one. after registering i was seen very quickly. the tech renee checked me out (she had soft hands lol).then dr.rousseau came in and gave a complete exam. he found out that i had a luxating patella he told my parents what that was and how to treat it. this place is very busy, but all the staff were courteous and wanted to make me and my parents feel comfortable. i know that this is not going to be the last time i come here. and i am going to tell all my animal friends about this very nice animal hospital.

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Greyhound corn treatment

-Brian and Susan Cusick from Greenville, NH
Pet Name: Tommy

I just wanted to thank Dr. Rousseau and the rest of the staff for helping me and my greyhound Tommy. He had a very painful corn and now he is walking pain-free. I can't thank you enough for seeing us so quickly and helping out with this problem.

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Thanks for your wonderful care of Basil

-Kylie Sullivan from Salem, MA
Pet Name: Basil and Jack celebrate Easter

Hello, I was in the other day with our rabbit Basil, and I wanted to let you know that we sadly lost him last night. While I wanted to let you know for your records, I mostly wanted to thank your staff for all their wonderful care of Basil over the years. Dr. Kruse especially has been so fantastic in helping us over the past year while Basil battled this mystery illness. She was always so thoughtful and considerate of both his health and his quality of life - we always left feeling like we were doing the best we could to help him without doing anything that would risk his ongoing happiness. Please let her know how grateful we are. Our other bunny Jack has been doing just fine, so we'll visit again in a few months for his regular wellness check! In the meantime, thank you again for all that you do. Best, Chris, Kylie, and Jack (and Basil)

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Thanks for your care and sympathy

-Susan Roche from Saugus, MA
Pet Name: Toby Roche

Thank you so much for the care and sympathy shown to me and my cat Toby last week. Toby was 18 years old, a black cat, short haired, whom we loved dearly. The staff was so nice to Toby and myself, and understood how difficult it is to lose a pet, a member of the family. I am attaching a picture of Toby, he truly was a beautiful boy.

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my three kids

-Wyndy from Woburn, MA
Pet Name: Lexi, Jinx and Nina

I've been bringing my 2 cats (Lexi and Jinx) here (both are 14) a lot lately, they are older and developing issues. But the staff and Dr. Kruze have brought them both back from 'the far side', and for that I will be eternally grateful for giving me even a few more months or a year with them.
Last week we brought our new Rottie pup in for her 1st check up, and they all fell in love with her (Nina) too. They went over puppy wellness and insurance if I wanted it, and socialization, etc.
They covered all the bases, but didn't push anything on us. Everyone is great, caring, and they truly love their patients. Thank you everyone at Wakefield VCA for the very lives of my girls and new little boy.

I'm so lucky there is VCA Wakefield

-Beth Santo from waltham, MA
Pet Name: Brickle

The first time I called VCA Wakefield my rabbit Brickle had stopped eating. The first thing they said was "What time can you bring him in today." To find a veterinarian practice who knew how critical the problem was and would do anything they could to make sure Brickle was seen was unbelievable! He saw Dr Kruse that day and she was amazing. So kind. So concerned.

Ever since that day VCA Wakefield is the only veterinarian practice I would trust my rabbits to. They are kind, caring and incredibly knowledgeable and have always followed up with me to see how my pets are doing. I've recommended them several times and will always be grateful for all that they have done for me and my rabbits.

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Thank you Dr. Pelletier for your help and kindness

-Susan Roche from Saugus, MA
Pet Name: Tori

I want to thank Dr. Pelletier for her kindness, sympathy and reassurance during a difficult time. Tori was a beautiful cat, who lived to the age of 19. She now joins her brother, Toby, who lived 18 years. Losing a member of the family is so sad and heart breaking. Thank you Dr. for your help and kind words that day, I needed to hear you say we were doing the right thing. Thanks again to you and your wonderful and patient staff.

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Thank you for your kindness and professionalism

-Stacy Arambages from Wakefield, MA
Pet Name: Trusty Boy

Dear Dr. Simonelli & VCA Staff (Family),

On behalf of my son Evan and myself, I wanted to relay a big THANK YOU for your kindness and professionalism the last 2 years. When we adopted Trusty from PAWS, he already had a lengthy medical history and within our first three months together, he and I were at your facility 3 times. When you suggested the new food, I was skeptical of its success but was willing to try anything. I am SO VERY GRATEFUL that his issues cleared up for almost 2 years before reoccurring 3 weeks ago. You and your team were always kind whenever I came in to get food for him during these 2 years. You always cared and that means so much to me now that he is gone. I didn’t get to have Trusty in my life for a long enough period of time. It just wasn’t long enough, but I hope that I did right by him while he was part of my family. Evan and I (and our other cat Toby) miss him desperately but we know that time will heal all.

Please continue to do your good work. The pets that come through your doors are very lucky indeed to have all of you.

I have attached a photo of Trusty, my handsome lion, and hope you can use his picture in your photo collage. He was truly a gentle giant.


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The entire team is kind, attentive, and smart

-Niki Vettel from Winthrop, MA
Pet Name: Ralphie

Our guinea pig, Ralphie, is a special little guy, and he deserves a special doc! I can't say enough about the amazing care that Ralphie has received from Dr. Sip (pictured here - Ralphie has that effect on women!), plus every single veterinary technician we've dealt with, every single client services person who greets us at the desk with "HI RALPHIE!", and all the other vets. Ralphie has had a serious dental issue, and the entire VCA team has been unbelievably kind, attentive, and smart. Ralphie actually loves coming to VCA Wakefield, where he can see all his girlfriends! There's no higher accolade than that from a very special little guinea pig!