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Compassion and empathy

-Joe and MaryJo LeBlanc from Saugus, MA
Pet Name: Spunky

My name is MaryJo LeBlanc, and my three boys Gino, Pino, and Spunky are patients of VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital. June 12th was one of the hardest days of my life. Spunky, after months of illness, had to be put to rest. My husband and I adopted Spunky 3 1/2 years ago. He was the sweetest little dog we ever had. When we adopted Spunky he wasn't in the greatest health, or condition. This poor little soul had so many things against him. Heart disease, dental, hernia, old age, we tried to make his life as comfortable as we could. He was a joy. We realize how his previous owner had derived at giving him his name. When Spunky was feeling good, he was just that.

After years of trying to help Spunky, his health was deteriorating, we knew the end was coming. On June 12th I rushed Spunky, once again, to VCA. I knew that this was the day, knew that Spunky had fought the fight for as long as he could. I didn't want him suffering anymore. I knew his condition was grave. I made the decision to end his life. I wanted Spunky at peace.

I cannot tell you how wonderful Dr. Guerino was. He had such lovely bed side manners. He stayed with me, helped me, confirmed that what I was doing was the right thing. I think that Dr. Guerino is a lovely man, a lovely human being with great compassion. I want him to know how much I appreciated him being there that day.

Pam was a technician on duty. Pam saw that I was devastated, she came and sat with me, put her arm around me...and helped me more then she will ever know. Pam and Dr. Guerino showed me human compassion and empathy, for that I am very grateful.

I hope you pass my letter to both Dr. Guerino and Pam.

Joe and MaryJo LeBlanc

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Worth traveling an hour

-Marie Aikens from Nashua, NH
Pet Name: Melody

This place was recommended to me after trying three other vets that I was not happy with. My cats are my babies, and I expect them to get treated like family. I found the perfect place with you. You took time to meet my needs, to play with my kitten, and to get to know her and appreciate her. I would recommend this place to everybody. I take complete pride in my kittens, and I have two more that will be needing to come in and meet all of you. I have just moved back here from Florida where I had the most wonderful vet, and I was looking for somebody the same. I travel an hour to get to you as I did with him, and it is so very worth it. Attached is Melody my kitten (15 weeks). She is flourishing wonderfully thanks to the kindness and help from all of the staff there. Thank you.

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Impressive service

-Henry and Joan Girolamo from Medford, MA
Pet Name: Kermit and Cirrus

We took our parakeet Cirrus in on Tuesday evening about 6:30. We were impressed with how you handled everyone that comes in with their "family members."

Dr. Sip was exceptional, and it was nice having an avian vet examine Cirrus. We have been giving him the Enrofloxacin two times a day as prescribed, and he seems to be improving.

Coming to VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital was a nice experience, and we will not hesitate to return if we need any help with our little flock (4 parakeets).

Please thank Dr. Sip and let her know we appreciated her patience, understanding and gentleness.

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I cannot say enough about the care Cassie received

-Linda Gorgone from Reading, MA
Pet Name: Cassie

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for being so professional and caring each time I was there with Cassie.

I cannot say enough about the care that Cassie has gotten along the way for the six years I've had her. The staff is unbelievable. It is really something that everyone works together as a team. These days sometimes people aren't like that in a workplace. Everyone is upbeat, happy, joking around but at the same time working.

I really appreciated getting to know the people that I have known along the way. Dr. Sam's been wonderful, and I felt bad for Dr. Rousseau the last night that I came in with Cassie. Dr. Sam was in surgery, but he rose to the occasion.

Everyone was always so helpful and always pleasant and compassionate. Special thanks to Denise, Kaytee, Elizabeth, Christie, Tegan, Melody, Amanda C., Anne, and everyone else. I just really can't say enough about everybody. It's been a very great experience. You are a great team and I have enjoyed getting to know all of you.

I feel Cassie got the best care, and I couldn't have asked for more. Cassie brought a lot of joy to my family, and she is missed.

Outstanding Care

-EW from Boston, MA
Pet Name: Nutmeg

The vets, vet techs and receptionists at the VCA Animal Hospital in Wakefield are outstanding and went above and beyond to help me recently. I take my chinchilla for monthly incisor trimming, which they can do without anesthesia, and a check of the molars. Recently I returned from a vacation to find my chinchilla with a wet chest (signaling a serious dental issue). Even though the vets did not have any available appointments for a few days, the receptionist called all of the exotic vets to see if someone could come in just to see my chinchilla the next day, and one of the vets volunteered to come in. The cost for this treatment was half what I had been paying at Angell Memorial. I cannot recommend VCA Wakefield enough for anyone with an exotic pet. I would never go anywhere else!

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We enjoyed puppy class

-Nancy McGeoghegan from Woburn, MA
Pet Name: Jace

Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to say that we loved you as a trainer, you know your stuff so well and your energy is great! We actually enjoyed going to puppy class! Jace learned valuable commands & lessons and so did we! I will highly recommend you to any of my friends that get a puppy. You are a super star! Thought I would attach a photo of one of your star students!

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I wish I had found you six years ago

-Gordon Brooke from Haverhill, MA
Pet Name: Jack

Dear Sarah,

I would just like to tell you how delighted I have been with the attention to detail and all the care from everyone of your staff. There are many vets much closer to my home but I have never received such wonderful care and attention.

I would particularly like to thank Doctor "Sip": I will be relocating to the UK soon and hope to take Jack with me but he is a carrier of a virus. Doctor Sip has "held my hand" and helped me through all the difficult procedures that are required with UK quarantine. I had earlier talked to other vets before I was recommended to your Wakefield office. None of them knew what to do or maybe just did not want to do it. Without Doctor Sip I do not know what I would have done.

I would also like to thank Doctor Samantha Simonelli who examined Jack when Doctor Sip was on vacation. She quickly diagnosed Jack's cough, prescribed medication, and he was great within 48 hours.

I am 63 years old, I have had pets all my life, but never have I received such fantastic attention as I received from your Wakefield office. I wish I had found you 6 years ago when I originally adopted Jack. I have been singing your praises and I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone.

Once again, thank you everyone.

Stepped up in an emergency

-Cheryle from Wakefield, MA
Pet Name: Cody

I want to thank VCA for the care it gave my dog Cody even though at the time he wasn't a patient of theirs. He got hurt while hiking and my previous Vet would not see him because they said they were closing in an hour. I called VCA and was told to come right in. We were so impressed with the level of care we got that day and the staff were so kind to both my dog and I. Thanks again VCA!

Outstanding care and service

-Jackie Rapisardi from Boxford, MA
Pet Name: Ebby Rapisardi

Ebby and I have been going to Wakefield Animal Hospital since her birth 14 years ago. The team is incredible and caring. I've had several of the veterinarians and they are all spectacular, especially Dr. Rousseau, whom we have seen the most. The technicians are understanding and efficient. The doctors are knowledgeable, sensitive and friendly. Ebby gets excited when she knows she is coming foe a "visit". She loves them as they love her. Thank you Wakefield Animal Hospital for excellent service and friendship!

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Professional and caring

-Elizabeth Chiasson from Gloucester, MA
Pet Name: Sippy, with her namesake

We are very grateful for, and are impressed with the staff at VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital. Everyone from the office staff, to the vet techs, to the vets is so professional and caring.

The office staff is terrific! Whenever we come in they greet us, and always seem to genuinely care about how our guinea pigs are doing. When calling in, they are equally impressive. For example, we had a guinea pig who was sick for a long time, and it got to the point where when calling in, I didn't even have to say my name or my pet's name. The office staff recognized my voice then quickly tried to meet my needs and requests. This is just one example of the many kind things they did.

During our visits to VCA Wakefield, we have always been pleased with the vet techs who always treat our guinea pigs with such kindness and gentleness. Very often they talk to our guinea pigs and handle them as if they were their own. They also treat us so well that we are put at ease while waiting for the vet to come in.

Lastly, the vets themselves have been fabulous. After we moved, we tried to find a vet who was more local, but could not find one with the expertise we needed. It is not easy to find a good exotic vet, and VCA Wakefield has three of them: Dr. Sip, Dr. Warner, Dr. Kruse. So we have come back to VCA Wakefield despite the longer drive. These talented and caring vets have taken care of our guinea pigs for years.

We are especially grateful to Dr. Sip, who has gone above and beyond time and time again for our guinea pigs. Never before have we had a vet who was so dedicated and caring. She makes us feel as if our guinea pigs were her only clients. We, in fact, think so much of her that we named our latest guinea pig “Sippy” after her!

As anybody with a pet knows, it can be nerve-wracking to have to take a beloved sick pet in for treatment. The staff at VCA Wakefield Animal Hospital takes that sting away with their professionalism and caring. They work as a team in extra special ways to meet the needs of pets and their caretakers.