At VCA Wakefield, we love cats!  We have two exam rooms with feline pheromone diffusers to help them relax, and we use soft mats on our exam tables to make them more comfortable.  We also have a separate waiting area for cats so they don't have scary dogs peaking into their carrier.  We do our best to get your cat into an exam room right away for a quieter experience.

If your cat is particularly shy or fearful, often we can examine them right in their carrier by removing the top half.  All of our professional animal care staff have been trained in low-stress cat handling techniques.

We offer a "Little Bundles" package that includes everything your kitten needs in his or her first six months, and we also offer "Best Care" packages that include an exam and diagnostic tests for your middle aged and senior cats. 

Be sure to check out our Cat Transport Tips before coming in for your appointment, and we recommend you complete our Feline Wellness Questionnaire at home (but don't forget to bring it to your appointment!).