Client Services

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Kimberly M. LeBlanc
    School: North Shore Community College, Broward Community College (nursing), Associates in Liberal Arts (NSCC)

    Kim joined us in 2015, bringing more than 17 years' experience in veterinary client service to our front desk team.  She is excited to be leading a team where excellent service is already embedded in the culture.  

    Kim earned her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from North Shore Community College.  She also studied nursing at Broward Community College in Florida, and she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for three years before moving over to veterinary medicine.  

    Kim shares her North Shore home with her husband and daughter, as well as with a senior Spaniel mix named Emily and two Devon Rex cats named Frodo and Blackie.  

  • Client Service

    Christie Cook

    Christie came to VCA Wakefield in 2010 with 10 years' experience working at VCA Lakewood Animal Hospital in southern California. She has a certificate in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding from Southeast ROP in Cerritos, CA.

    Christie was born in Massachusetts, and she lived in California and Idaho before returning to the Boston area in 2010.  Her hobbies include anything to do with horses, surfing (in California), wakeboarding (in Idaho), snowboarding, knitting, woodworking, camping, baking, and motorcycle/ATV riding. She also has an interest in antiques and historical home renovation.

    Christie's inherited and rescued pets include Evi, a Border Collie/Sheltie Mix; Marsh-Mel-O, an Angora Mix; Shyne, a beautiful black domestic long hair; and Maya, a yellow Labrador Retriever.  She also shares her life with six acres of critters, including chipmunks, frogs, snakes, moles, woodchucks, squirrels, skunks, rabbits, raccoons, opossum, turkeys, deer, bats, coyotes, and countless types of birds, bugs, and insects.

    Christie likes working at VCA Wakefield for the diversity of pets and for the doctors who treat them, and she loves that every day is a learning experience.

  • Client Service

    Deborah DeBurgo
    School: Virginia Intermont College, BA in Horsemanship

    Debbie joined our client service team in 2014.  She ran her own horse training and boarding business for several years, and she continues to work at the equestrian center where she boards her current horse, Konic.  

    Debbie and her Siberian husky, Tuffy, live north of Boston.  

  • Client Service

    Rachel Dionne

    Rachel joined our client service team in 2015. She is a 2010 graduate of Norfolk County Agricultural High School, where she majored in Animal and Veterinary Science. Her animal-related experience includes working for a year as a kennel technician at another animal hospital, working for two years in the kennel for a private Scottish Terrier breeder, and working for a year and half managing a doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming business. She also has client service experience working as a server at the Charles River Country Club and as a staff trainer at Dunkin’ Donuts.

    Rachel recently moved to the North Shore with her boyfriend, his gecko, and her cat. She hopes to apply to North Shore Community College’s Vet Tech program next year.

  • Client Service

    Kaytee Dodge

    Kaytee's smiling face has been a welcome addition to our front desk since 2008. In addition to her extensive on-the-job training, she has taken canine and feline behavior and nutrition classes at North Shore Community College.

    Kaytee's love of trapeze led her to working full time at the Boston Trapeze School, but she's still on our Wednesday morning team!

    Kaytee lives in Wakefield with her family and her pets -- cat Abigail, dogs Drake and Roxanne, and leopard gecko Silly Reptile.  

  • Client Service

    Dylan Gart
    Veterinary Tech School: North Shore Community College (candidate for spring 2017)
    School: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, BA in Environmental Studies with a minor in Computer Science

    Dylan is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technology program at North Shore Community College.  He joined our client service team in 2015 after hearing about us from classmates that also work here (Stephen Caron and Azad Gualtieri).  

    Dylan comes to us with experience with vaccines and client education from a recent position as a veterinary assistant at a mobile clinic, where he worked for nearly a year. He has experience caring for horses at a farm in Acton, and he’s also volunteered at the Stone Zoo. 

    Dylan earned his BA from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA, where he majored in Environmental Studies and minored in Computer Science. He's also worked as a programmer and dabbled in some other technology-related pursuits.

    Dylan lives in Bedford with his family and pets, which currently include Spenser (pictured) and several chickens.  

  • Client Service

    Xarifa Grandmaison
    Veterinary Tech School: Sparsholt College Hampshire, Great Britain / National Diploma in Animal Care
    School: LSB College and Alexandra College, Dublin, Ireland

    Xarifa (pronounced Sher-EEF-ah) has worked with animals variously as a receptionist, technician, and equine groom since 1993. She attended Alexandra and LSB Colleges in Dublin prior to receiving her National Diploma in Animal Care from Sparsholt College Hampshire in Great Britain (1994).

    Xarifa spent six years as a Shelter Agent with the Animal Rescue League of Boston prior to joining VCA Wakefield.

    She lives on the North Shore with her husband and son, as well as with cats Chimpy, Rosie, Sophie, and Lucy Lu; rats Archie and Gobo; and bearded dragon Floyd. When she's not working, Xarifa enjoys spending time with her horse, Gracie.

  • Client Service

    Alyssa Magrath
    School: Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA in Medical Illustration

    Alyssa joined our client service team in 2015. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Medical Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2013, and she is passionate about conveying detailed and attractive illustrations of medical procedures and techniques. She’s been putting her artistic skills to work hosting paint nights all around the Boston area for two years. She’s also used her artistic ability professionally as a custom cake decorator.

    Alyssa has studied anatomy and taken many other related classes, and she hopes that getting experience in the veterinary industry will help her make connections as she works toward her goal of being a medical illustrator full time. Her drawings are great!

    Growing up, Alyssa had many pets in her life, including a Guinea pig, a Jack Russell Terrier, an English Mastiff, cats, ducks, and a cockatoo. Her bunny Flopper is a regular patient here.

  • Client Service

    Henrietta Matheson
    School: Tulane University, BS in Psychology

    Henrietta joined our client service team in 2014.  She is a 2012 graduate of Tulane University, where she earned a BS in Psychology with a concentration in gender studies. She came to us with two years’ experience working as an attendant and supervisor at a large boarding facility in New Orleans, and she also worked in customer service at two restaurants. Henrietta has also worked as a classroom assistant at an elementary school and as a mentor to a young girl in Tulane’s Community Service Mentoring Program.

    She currently lives in Salem with her rabbit, Laura.  

  • Client Service

    Maureen Maunsell
    School: Newbury College (BA 2007) and Southern New Hampshire University (MBA candidate 2016)

    Maureen has been a part of our front desk team since 2003.  You are most likely to see her smiling face on weekend mornings.  She works as a Certified Clinical Data Manager when she's not here making all of our days just a little more cheerful.  

    Maureen holds a Bachelor's of Arts with a major in Psychology and minor in English from Newbury College, and she's currently pursuing her MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration at Southern New Hampshire University.  

    When she's not working or studying, Maureen enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.  She lives north of Boston with two Jack Russell Terriers named Tucker and Hurley and one very talkative cat named Gossip.  

  • Client Service

    Erica Parenteau
    School: Bunker Hill Community College

    Erica Parenteau joined our client service team in 2016. She brings over five years’ experience working in client service at another animal hospital and, since her dad was a veterinarian, she's literally grown up in this field!  

    Since Erica is a big fan of Dr. Simonelli, she knew us from the other side of the front desk first. She is a graduate of Malden High School, and she's completed most classes toward her Associate's Degree from Bunker Hill Community College. Her hands-on pet care experience is primarily with cats, including diabetics.  

    Erica is a self-proclaimed bookworm. She and her husband live north of Boston with two cats, Sir Faithful and Daenerys. 

  • Client Service

    Kim Podesta
    School: Attending Animal Behavior Institute online, Certificate in Zoo and Aquarium Sciences (currently pursuing)

    Kim joined our client service team in February 2013.  She is currently taking online classes at the Animal Behavior Institute in pursuit of a Certificate in Zoo and Aquarium Sciences, and she volunteers with the Marine Mammal Department at the New England Aquarium every Tuesday. Kim has also studied hospitality management and physical education at Endicott College in Beverly.

    Prior to joining us, Kim worked as a doggie daycare attendant at Boston Red Dog Pet Resort, and she completed an internship in housekeeping, grooming, and pet activities at the Barkwood Inn in Charlton, Mass. 

    Kim is conversant in Spanish, and she can speak and write Chinese. She was a cheerleader for nine years, including three years as a cheerleading student coach.  Kim is also CPR certified.  Originally from central Massachusetts, Kim currently lives north of Boston. Daisy, her family dog, still resides in central Mass.

  • Client Service

    Andrea Quinton
    Veterinary Tech School: Mount Ida College / BS in Veterinary Technology (2016)
    School: North Shore Community College Animal Care Specialist (transferred prior to completion)

    Andrea contacted us regarding a technician internship (now completed), and we liked her so much that we invited her to join our client service team.  She is currently enrolled in Mount Ida College's Veterinary Technology program, and she expects to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in 2016. 

    Andrea has experience working as a kennel attendant, an animal care specialist, and a veterinary assistant.  Most recently she worked as a sales associate at a grooming salon.  She has also worked as a volunteer at the Northeast Animal Shelter.

    Andrea lives north of Boston with her family and a beagle named Alfred that she adopted from Mount Ida.  

  • Client Service

    Stacey Ryan
    School: Bunker Hill Community College, Medical Assistant Certificate

    Stacey joined our client service team in 2014.  She has previous experience working at a grooming salon, and she worked for several years as a developmental specialist and manager at a day habilitation facility.  She earned her Medical Assistant Certificate from Bunker Hill Community College.

    Stacey lives north of Boston with her fiancé, three children, three dogs, and a ferret.  

  • Client Service

    Laureen Sorrento

    Laurie joined us in 2014 after many years of knowing us from the perspective of a frequent client.  She has several years' experience working at another animal hospital and volunteering for the Animal Rescue League, and she continues to offer pet sitting services and work part time at her sister's grooming salon. 

    Laurie attended Suffolk University and Salem State College, and she worked in administration at the MBTA for 25 years. 

    We've gotten to know Laurie and her birds, Guinea pigs, cats, and dogs well over the years.  She lives north of Boston with her current gang of four cats and a dog. 

  • Client Service

    Joi Wolf
    School: Clemson University, BS

    Joi joined VCA Wakefield in October 2010 shortly after she and her husband moved to the area from South Carolina.

    Prior to her move, Joi worked as a manager at PetSmart for five years. Joi holds a Bachelor's Degree from Clemson University, and she is a first degree black belt in Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts.

    Joi lives north of Boston with her husband, daughter, son, two dogs, and an African gray parrot.