• Office Manager

    Staci Bell

    Staci has worked with animals her whole life.  She went to Zoology school right after high school and specialized in Big Cats and Bears.  Out of Zoology school she went and lived in Big Bear Lake California where she worked for a company called Predators in Action where big cats and bears were trained for movies and commercials.  After working there for a year she moved on to the Moonridge Animal Park where she not only worked with big cats and bears but also raptors, reptiles, wolves, etc.  To earn extra income she worked at the local VCA as an emergency technician where she assisted in surgeries, running rooms, and even the boarding and pet store.  In 2009 she decided to move back to the Tri cities to be with family and was transferred from VCA Lakeside to VCA Animal Medical Center in Richland, WA.  She worked there until April 2014 when she moved on to being the Office Manager at VCA Vineyard Animal Hospital.  Staci will always work with, live with, and be with animals.