VCA Village Park Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Wonderful Team

-Darcy from Indianapolis, IN
Pet Name: Taijah

I have been taking Taijah to VCA for over 11 years and would not go anywhere else. The staff is wonderful, professional, helpful, and very caring. I am so impressed with how much they really try to do what is best for both the pet and owner. I trust them with my pet and recommend them to friends and family. They are truly the best!

Treated Like Royalty

-Eileen French-Bjork from Westfield, IN

Yesterday was our first visit to Village Park VCA. Even though it was late in the day, everyone was probably ready to go home, and they had already seen many, many animals that cat and I received the royal treatment. My cat loved the attention she received and they were very pleasant to work with. I will surely be back!

The yearly vaccinations

-E. Vance from Speedway, IN
Pet Name: Beans

I took my dog Beans into see the vets at Village Park for his yearly vaccinations. The staff were all very nice and cheerful. I learned alot about what I need to do to help Beans live a long and healthy life. I would reccommend anyone to visit Village Park with their pets. They are sure to have a wonderful visit.

My Big Boy Doc

-Sherry Gillenwater from Westfield, IN
Pet Name: Doc Gillenwater

Well I have a big 8yr old black lab named Doc. He stopped eating and going to the bathroom so I took him in to see Dr. Spencer. She looked at him and did x-rays and and ultrasound on his belly. She came in and told me that it looks like a tumor and said that it needs to be removed or he will not make it. So we said let's do the surgery. It took about 2 hrs and then she called to let me know that he is doing okay but they will have to watch him cause he lost a lot of blood. Well they called me the next morning saying he is doing really good and that I could come and get him. Of course when he got home he was babied and pampered. The surgery was night late on a Wednesday and they called me on Friday to let me know that it was not cancer that it was a mass. I am so glad to hear that cause we are going to have our baby for along time. Thank you Dr. Spencer.

Above and Beyond

-Steffany from Carmel, IN
Pet Name: Sierra Kodiak MeSha

Our family (furry and non-furry) has always received the utmost care and love from this facility. We have had in the past two large breed dogs that have spent a lot of time being treated by the staff due to allergies, hip dysplasia, cancers, etc. We, also, have a cat who has been seen there. With our overly needy dogs, we have always received perfect care with follow up calls on ill visits, progress calls during grooming/boarding times, attention to our needs and that of our family. When our ten-year-old Golden had to be put to sleep due to cancer and illness, they were as heartfelt as can be imagined. They guided us from the start of the process to picking out a memorial for her remains. They went as far as sending flowers and a card later that week to our family. Who knew that they really cared that much about our family! They even asked about the well-being of our remaining dog, who actually was depressed at the loss of his friend! They gave us some tips for dealing with our other pets and our kids over the loss of this family member! Thank you VCA!

Pet Image

Nereus - A Second Chance

-Dale Moore from Carmel, IN
Pet Name: Nereus

About 2 months ago our 3 year old West Highland White Terrier "Nereus" started vomiting on and off through the night. He had been a new allergy medication made by Atopica for about 10 days. I read the label on the medication and one of the side effects was vomiting. By morning Nereus did not even look like the same dog. He had crawled under our deck to die. We took him to our vet VCA Village Park in Carmel, In. They told Nereus was really sick and was not sure he was going to make it. Test came back and the allergy medication he was on was destroying his liver. Our baby was struggling for his life. But with our prays and everyone at VCA Village Park, they saved his life. They are all caring and compassionate towards all the animals they see each and every day. All the people there are like family to us and they treat us the same.
They know you and your pet by name when you walk in. God bless each and every one there. Nereus thanks them too.

Dale Moore
Carmel, In.

Pet Image

Always a Great Experience

-Chuck Lasker from Westfield, IN
Pet Name: Petey Lasker

Our Shih Tzu, Petey, has been going to the Westfield VCA since his birth, and we've always been pleased with the highly efficient and super-nice people, as well as the expertise. There have been many opportunities to up sell us to something we didn't need, but instead they've always given options, like, "we can teach you to do this so you don't have to come in every time." You just can't beat that.

If Petey could type, he'd say, "Everyone treats me so nice! I used to be scared to go into VCA, but now I pull my owners in so I can get some of their loving attention. Even when they give me a shot it doesn't hurt because they care about how I feel."