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Published: Apr 29, 2011

Several Southern states were ravaged by massive storms over the past week, leaving many people - and their animal companions - homeless. Alabama was one of the states hardest hit, and many people lost track of their dog or cat during the storms. Fortunately, a group has launched a Facebook page to help reunite pet parents with their missing animal companions, according to

Several animal rescue groups came together to create the page, which is titled Animals Lost and Found from the Tornadoes in Alabama on 4/27/11. People who are missing their pets can visit the site to get in contact with the rescue organizations.

Pet parents whose companions were injured during the storm can also find information pertaining to veterinarians who are donating time and expertise for those living in the damaged regions.

People can make donations to the website, which will go toward Have a Heart Animal Rescue and Adoption. Money will be used to feed and provide shelter for displaced cats, dogs and other pets.

VCA animal hospitals in the areas most affected will also be offering free boarding for pets of families who have been displaced by the storms.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, pet parents can prepare for natural disasters by reaching out to family, friends and relatives who could help with evacuation.