Robert Bauman, DVM, Medical Director

DVM, University of Prince Edward Island


Dr. Robert Bauman has been with the practice since 2005. He is the proud papa of two Golden Retrievers, Soleil and Siren, as well as several kitties. They keep him quite busy. His off time interests include mountain biking, scuba diving, camping, and aquaculture. He sets the standard for the highest caliber medical care practiced. He assures that our hospitalized patients receive the best of care which means you will often find him here checking on his patients on his off time.

As a young child he developed a strong interest in the lives of many types of animals. That interest grew into a career. As a veterinarian, he is able to put forth his knowledge to both  employees and  owners of pets, helping  them understand what each pet may need so that they live long happy lives.

Why does he come to work? He knows there will be a new challenge, a new opportunity to help add quality of life to a pet that is part of a family. One of his favorite quotes is " Good Veterinarians talk to animals. Great Veterinarians hear them talk back"