• Hospital Manager

    Elisabeth "Lisa" Patient

    I have been with the hospital since 1986 and try hard to nurture and support the hospitals mission statement, which is "Where your pets health is our top priority, and excellent service is our goal". I work in all areas of the hospital assisting the support staff however I can. I  am the proud momma of a "Rotti" named Bohica, and have 2 cats named  Babbs, and Samantha...all of which have been adopted from shelters or rescue groups.

    I started as a volunteer, later on Dr. Cole hired me to work in the kennels, and he hasn't been able to get rid of me since.

    I have always loved animals and have had pets of all kinds. It was not until Dr. Cole hired me that I knew I was "home", in every sense of the word. Why do I come to work each day? I am so fortunate to have a career in a field that I love, working with doctors and a support team that genuinely make each day rewarding and stimulating. No matter the case, they are all engaged, their patients are their priority....having "parents" attatched to the other end of the leash or carrier is just a bonus. Each day is an opportunity to educate,add quality of life, and develope often times life long friendships. Being a part, even a small part, of something so important to so many, makes for a very rich day indeed.

    It is truly an honor to work with such a group of amazing and talented individuals that are the definition of compassionate professionals who are the pets advocates. It is humbling to see on a daily basis the combined wisdom and skills of those I work with. Each brings unique gifts and insight...but all caring and working towards a common goal: assisting those that have no voice.

     When I am not working , I have  interests in antiques, orchids,  travel in third world countries, and watching old movies or playiong with my own cats and dog.

    To our clients, a very sincere THANK YOU !!! for your trust in our hospital and our staff. We are here because of you. If there is something we can do better to assist you please let us know.