Our very own Dr. Paredes has a special interest in exotic and small mammals (pocket pets). She developed a keen interest in exotic and small mammal medicine when she started veterinary school and has done a lot of additional study in this area. It is critical with small pocket pets (bunnies, birds, and exotics) that the doctor really be current on their medicine and work on these species all the time - they are very fragile and only shows signs of illness when they are already really sick. Time is often critical in getting positive recovery.

Dr. Paredes is able to do dentistry, radiographs, ultrasound, lab work, and surgery for these pets. She recently removed a mass from a pet Rat named "Whiska" who is just very happy at home now.

Below are pictures of a Guinea Pig she is currently treating for an eating disorder.

The pictures show Dr. Paredes listening to it's lungs/heart and checking it's mouth, teeth, eyes and ears.

Weighing it on a special Gram scale for exotics. This has to be completely accurate due to their medication / weigh requirements. No room for error here!

And, giving it hugs for being such a good boy!