Veterinary Support

  • Technician Supervisor

    Jennifer Loomis, A.S., A.A., R.V.T.
    Veterinary Tech School: Foothill Community College

    Jennifer has been with VCA Vets & Pets since 2005. Medicine and animals have always held a fascination for her, so what better occupation than to work with both! She loves what she does and hopes to keep working for many years to come. She believes the greatest feeling is when she can help to save a pet's life. Jennifer has a particular interest in anesthesia, and has thought of obtaining a specialty license in this field.

    In her spare time, she loves to stay busy by swimming, scuba diving, mountain climbing, camping, and touring with her dance company. She has even gone sky-diving!

    Jennifer grew up with kitties, snakes, chickens, birds, rats, rabbits, and provided a home for foster cats in need. She has 3 cats Desi, Jade, and Little Kitty.

  • Certified Veterinary Technician

    Mythili Hari, A.S., A.A., BSc., C.V.T
    Veterinary Tech School: Foothill Community College
    School: University of California, Davis, B.Sc.

    Mythili has been with VCA Vets & Pets Animal Hospital since September 2011. She was drawn to veterinary medicine by her passion for science, medicine, and animals. She has always wanted to become a doctor and go into the medical field; however she decided to give herself a bigger challenge by helping treat animals as they cannot express their pain and feelings the same way as we do. Ever since she started at VCA Vets & Pets, she has realized that her destiny is to become a technician and that’s why she went to the Vet Tech Program at Foothill College, where she received her veterinary technology degree. She was the Co-President of the Student Chapter of National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (SCNAVTA) during her time at Foothill College, volunteers at the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, and received the Dr. Jack Walther Leadership Award in February 2015 at the Western Veterinary Conference. Her dream and goal one day is to work at the Disney’s Animal Kingdom for her love for Disney and animals will be fulfilled! She has a domestic medium hair cat named Toulouse and 5 gold fish (yes they all have names too). During her spare time, she loves to spend time watching movies, reading, painting, arts & crafts, and baking. She hopes to one day own a land turtle, a chinchilla, peacock, and hedgehog.

  • Registered Veterinary Technician

    Amanda M., A.A., A.S.,R.V.T.
    Veterinary Tech School: Foothill Community College

    Amanda has been with VCA Vets & Pets since May 2013. She knew she wanted to work with animals since a very young age and started working at a local animal shelter. But after 8 years of experience, she decided to look into other fields. Her interest in medicine and her love for animals brought her to the Foothill College Veterinary Technician program, and soon after became a Registered Veterinary Technician. In the future, she would love to continue her education and get a Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Science. Amanda enjoys interacting with all of our clients and of course helping our patients. She strives for everyone to have a great experience. During her free time, Amanda likes to go on hikes with Bailey, her funny looking, giant "Puggle" mix, as well as cuddling with her two cats, Chewy and Cheyenne.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Caitlin Bell, B.A.
    Veterinary Tech School: Foothill Community College
    School: CSU: Monterey Bay, Psychology

    Caitlin was born and raised in Santa Clara and started with Vets and Pets in 2015. She received her B.A. in Psychology from CSU Monterey Bay. She soon realized that it wasn't the career for her and her true passion was for veterinary medicine. Caitlin grew up with horses and dogs and always had an affinity for animals. She is currently working towards becoming a registered veterinary technician at Foothill College. She has a pitbull/jack russell mix named Ellie, 2 rats and 3 mice.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Carrie Bradley
    Veterinary Tech School: Penn Foster

    Carrie is a Bay Area native and has been working with Vets & Pets since 2015. In her spare time, she enjoys archery, photography, and spending time at her ranch with her horse Ms. Mocha Delight and two sheep, Daisy and Junior. She also works on cars and has a vintage Pinto and Plymouth Duster. Carrie is working towards a degree in veterinary technology.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Gisele Price

    Born and raised in Cupertino, Gisele has always had a passion for animals. Even though she didn't have many pets growing up (just birds), she always knew that she wanted to work with them. She spent 3 years at Peet's Coffee and Tea as a Barista trainer before transitioning into the veterinary medical field in 2007 at Vets & Pets. She is a licensed cosmetologist and enjoys kick-boxing, playing chess, mixed martial arts, visiting the beach, and spending time outdoors. Gisele has a pug mix named Miley.