Allison Bain, M.Sc., DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, St. George's University School of Veterinary Medicine
M.Sc., Memorial University of Newfoundland


Dr. Bain was born and raised in Wisconsin but has called the San Francisco Bay Area home for a very long time. In 1994 she graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz for a B.A. degree in Marine Biology. For approximately 15 years she worked as a biologist on remote islands in the Pacific Ocean including Hawaii and Alaska. In 2003 she received a M.Sc. from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. In 2008 she received her DVM from St. George's University in which she attended North Carolina State University School of Veterinary Medicine for clinical year rotations. She joined VCA Vets & Pets Animal Hospital in 2008. She is a current member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and has authored publications in peer-reviewed journals. She and her husband are active hikers and love to take backpacking trips. She has a dog and cat, both senior pets!