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    Patricia Burger

    Patricia has always been in the medical and pharmacy workplace and has been a pet owner all of her life. Working here has been a great opportunity to combine her experience and help with the care of animals. Her favorite part of her job besides the animals, of course, is getting to know the clients and recognizing them when they first enter the hospital. She believes it is so important for them to know that they are known and that they are important to the staff as well. Her future goals are to learn as much as she can to further continue her work in veterinary medicine and fulfill the needs of our clients. In Patricia's spare time she loves to garden and is always up for any crafting project she can find to do. She also loves the outdoors and going to the lake or the beach!

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    Melisa Chenowith

    Melisa recently moved to the Bay Area from Iowa where she worked in human medicine for 16 years. She has always had a love for animals and previously volunteered at the local animal shelter and wanted to get into veterinary medicine. Her favorite part of her job is the animals. She loves getting to see all of the different breeds as well as watching the puppies/kittens grow up. Melisa also loves how excited some of them get when they are here because they are familiar with VCA Vets & Pets and know they will be well taken care of during their stay. Her future goals will be to learn all that she can about the different foods and medications and how their use can help pets live a long and healthy life. When she's not at work, you can find her hanging out with her husband and kids as well as their 2 standard schnauzers. Melisa's hobbies include interior decorating, baking and spending time by the ocean, which she finds very relaxing.

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    Joal Dawson

    Joal became interested in veterinary medicine for the animals and enjoys helping them in any way that he can. His favorite part of his job, besides the animals, is the every day challenge of learning about animals and veterinary medicine in general. Joal's future goals include learning and knowing anything and everything he possibly can about veterinary medicine. His hobbies include biking, disc golf, hanging out with his one eyed cat "Ojo" and going to music festivals. Joal also enjoys many sports teams including: Oakland Raiders, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks, and The Golden State Warriors.

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    Mary Ann Ilaria

    You can't miss Mary Ann when you walk in to VCA Vets & Pets Animal Hospital- She's the one with the sunglasses (Bright lights give her migraines!)

    Originally from New Jersey, she has been living in the Bay Area since 1975. She always had dogs in my life, ever since her folks brought home her first dog Kingie, a black Cocker Spaniel, when she was a year old.

    Mary Ann worked in the data communications industry for 24 years, volunteered at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, then owned a jewelry store before finding her dream job at VCA Vets & Pets in 2006. She loves meeting all the dogs who come in! They may be a little apprehensive at first, but they warm up pretty quickly after a few doggie cookies.

    In her spare time, Mary Ann enjoys making and reparing jewelry, having dinner with friends, and watching television. Her "kids", Bruce (Rat Terrier Mix) and Rickie (Shepherd mix), share her home and her heart.