Santa Clara Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant


  • Kennel Assistant

    Paulette Rinck, R.V.T.
    Veterinary Tech School: Foothill Community College

    Paulette has been with VCA Vets & Pets Animal Hospital since June of 2008. Animals have always played a very special role in her life. They give her comfort and she loves being able to help them too. One of her favorite parts of her job is giving the pets one-on-one nursing care. Another focus for Paulette is behavior medicine, and she hopes to further her education in this field at some point.

    Paulette has 2 dogs that bring her joy, Tuli and Abby. They are purebred Basenjis and Abby have even won awards at dog shows! Paulette enjoys attending shows in her spare time and also has a fondness for collecting horse figurines.

  • Groomer

    Ines Willett

    Ines has been with VCA Vets & Pets Animal Hospital since September of 1998. She began grooming with us shortly thereafter. She is quite talented in this area, especially with the "less willing" patients- she seems to be able to talk to them in a language all their own! We love seeing the magic of seeing the pets' make-overs after grooming. Ines really enjoys talking with her clients and making sure they get exactly what they need.

    Ines works with us 6 days a week, but in her spare time she enjoys watching movies, playing volleyball, or just chatting with her friends about the topics of the day.