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-Katie from Wagoner, OK

I have to say that last fall my 11 year old chocolate lab "Brownie" started to go down hill fast. As always I took him to a vet in Muskogee every time he was sick until we moved to Wagoner. He had a cough for a while and each time he was taken to the vet for a check up they said he was just excited and overweight! I took him to a new vet in Wagoner and he told me that he had congestive heart failure, which he said was common in older dogs. He was given about 4 different medications. After a week he seemed to be getting worse so I took him back in. The vet told me that it was his age and that I should take him home and act as his hospice! I said what I'm not sure that I understand. We have all of this amazing technology and there is nothing that you can do? I was told that in less than a week that I would have to make a decision to have him put down. As a last effort I contacted a family member in Tulsa that has used Dr. Crotty for years. She suggested that I make an appointment for Brownie with Dr. Coldwell. Immediately we were there that afternoon. After extensive blood tests and x-rays Dr. Coldwell assured me that he DIDN'T HAVE Congestive Heart Failure. He had Pneumonia and had it for quite a while! I was so taken back that the previous vets that I had used had never taken blood samples or any x-rays! Once on a treatment plan Brownie has been doing great! He has lost 30 pounds (was 111 lbs) and is a happy 11 year old! I couldn't be more thankful and happy to have a vet that is as caring as Dr. Coldwell. He treats Brownie as if he was his own pet! THANK YOU DR. COLDWELL! I CAN'T BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW APPRECIATIVE I AM THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO PROLONG BROWNIE'S LIFE!! :)

Dr. Crotty

-Beverly Smittle from Tulsa, OK

Dr. Crotty can do everything for an animal short of raising the dead. I wouldn't be surprised if that comes next...If anyone can ever do it, she will. We have both cats and dogs, and take them to Veterinary Medical Center with complete confidence that they are in the best possible hands and will receive the best possible care. Not only are the veterinarians the very finest - they have the finest staff helping them. That's important. Dr. Crotty has been our "family doctor" since she first came to Vet. Med. Center years ago. Our pets love her and so do we.

Always Totally Pleased

-Lloyd Wallisch from Tulsa, OK

My wife's parents, and now my wife and I, have entrusted our animal friends to Veterinary Medical Center for some 50 years. Everyone always receives the best and most sensitive care. Everyone should be so fortunate!

Dr. Ken Coldwell and entire staff

-Rita Singer from Tulsa, OK
Pet Name: Dalai and Darcy

We have been coming to VCA Veterinary Medical Center for over 20 years. The continued compassion and professional care given to our animals has been a blessing everyday. Dr. Ken Coldwell always gives loving care in treating all animals and never hesitates to explain or answer any questions. The entire staff shows constant support to pet owners as well as the animals.
Thanks to you all for everything you do for our beloved pets.

outstanding care

-Joan Pringle from tulsa, OK
Pet Name: ellie

I have been a client at VCA VMC for well over 20 years. The level of comprehensive care demonstrated by the doctors and staff is simply outstanding. Whether my beloved dog is having surgery or simply getting a bath the attention paid to her is first-class. Much like Mayo Clinic for humans, the doctors work as a team to diagnose and solve problems for animals. I am happy to have ANY of the three excellent vets treat my dog. They are all superbly talented. I cannot emphasize enough how much I respect and appreciate all that the staff does to make me and my little pooch feel welcome and cared for. All of them are professional and friendly. I feel lucky to know such wonderful people and I feel relieved to know that my sweet little girl has the best medical attention possible. Above and beyond!