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    Kara Hull

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    Cassie Markland

    I have worked at VCA Veterinary Medical Center for over 3 years. I really enjoy getting to know our clients and their pets.

    Personally, I am owned by two very amazing cats named Jett and Nellie. I adopted both of my "babies" right here at Veterinary Medical Center. Jett's mother was dumped at our front door and gave birth to four kittens in our bushes. Jett and his siblings had to be bottle fed because their mother was ill and could not properly care for them. When I first brought Jett home, he liked t nibble on my fingers, which he does to this day! Nellie was found in a bar (in not such good condition) and brought to us to restore her health. I fell in love with her and took her home.

    I look forward to meeting your precious cat(s) too! Oh, and dogs!