VCA Venice Boulevard Animal Hospital Testimonials

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My Cats Beau and Blue

-Kathleen Dowling from Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with Dr. Karen Heard for the last 7 years. She is a highly knowledgeable and modern vet. Dr. Heard is caring and compassionate. The office staff is just as wonderful. I highly recommend this Animal Hospital. Kathleen Dowling

Excellent Vet Care

-Catherine Jette from Long Beach, CA
Pet Name: strays

Dr. Robert Goldman took loving care of the 3 baby kittens who were dumped in an alley on a very hot day. The mom was feral and a homeowner left them to die. Dr. Goldman was highly referred to me by a woman who was his vet tech for years. She was bottle feeding them and we took them to him for a check-up. He was so gentle, experienced and kind to them and us. They were only about 2 or 3 weeks old and very afraid. I wish I lived closer because he would be my new vet for my 3 cats. The facility was very clean and the staff was great.

Pet Image

VCA Venice Blvd

-John R. Di Bona from Culver City, CA
Pet Name: Cally and Una

Thank you for your expert care and concern for Cally and Una. Every veterinarian and technician has had the "pleasure" of meeting Cally. She's not an easy customer and I know I can ask a lot of very detailed questions. Dr. Goldman You were the first to go "hands on" with Cally without sedatives. I wasn't sure how it would go but you got it done! You've taken the time to provide answers to my MANY questions and even looking over the ingredients of foods I had ordered. Thank you for always making the time and being there. Dr. Farrar You've seen Cally a few times recently and took the time to look over labs sent from VCA West LA. I was not surprised when I received more detailed information from you than I did them. Thank you for taking the time to make Cally a priority. Dr. Kitchen You have gone above ad beyond for Cally in the last few months as her primary veterinarian. I am very grateful for the effort you have put in and the calls to VCA West LA regarding Cally. She may greet you with evil eyes and sharp teeth, but you will always have my thanks. Thank you Technicians! Other than VCA Venice I've been to a few other vet offices and their techs could learn a lesson from you. I know our time in the exam room is short, and I usually do all he talking, but you really are the best I've ever met. Thank you for what you do and the excellent care you provide. Karina, Gloria, Rachel and Sam Whether its a billing question, food pick, preparing 15-20 individual syringes of medication or its a slow day and we can enjoy a casual conversation; You girls are awesome and really, really great at you job. Thank you for being so friendly and always making the time. Thank you all for providing great care and above and beyond customer service.

Dr. Goldmans Diet Advice for my cat saved her

-Mara Szabo from Los Angeles, CA
Pet Name: Pearlie

Dr. Goldman is the most amazing vet ever. My adorable 14 year old cat Pearlie is so healthy- but a few years ago, on her Senior Wellness exam, Dr. Goldman told me that her kidneys were shrinking, which is a sign of aging. I was heartbroken and cried over the phone to him, completely upset! He assured me that if I changed her diet to a specific kibble, and incorporated a specific mush food that he recommended, it would help. I did. A year later, they are not shrinking, and Pearlie is as healthy as a horse! Dr. Goldman also calls you if needed after hours, from his office., He also knows how to communicate with animals. Pearlie is a scardey cat, but she feels safe with him. The entire office is very friendly and I appreciate the whole team.

Amazing Staff and Care

-Tanya from Culver City, CA
Pet Name: Brooklyn, Riley, Abby

Dear Amazing VCA staff, We have received exceptional care from you all. Our 3 dogs, Riley, Brooklyn, and Abby are older dogs and are needing more vet visits than in previous years. Every time we have visited we have been seen right away and our concerns were addresses with care and expert advice. Dr. Kitchen is AMAZING!!! After our dog, Brooklyn, had knee ligament surgery in March she never really fully recovered. We tried expensive injects (PRP) to alleviate some of the arthritis that had built up, she was still limping. We finally decided to try acupuncture since Dr. Kitchen recently became certified. Well after 3 sessions, Brooklyn has made more progress in 3 weeks of acupuncture than she has in 5 months of injections. Thank you VCA and Dr. Kitchen for bringing an alternative to our pets. LOVE IT!!!