VCA Valley Animal Medical Center Emergency Hospital Testimonials

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Great service

-Marianne from Indio, CA

Great service. Marvelous people. They really love pets.

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Vets Saved Our Dog After Rattlesnake Bite

-Kevin and Marley Wong from Joshua Tree, CA
Pet Name: Dexter

Our young dachshund, Dexter, was recently bitten by a Mojave green rattlesnake late one Monday evening at our home in Joshua Tree. We were referred to the VCA Valley Animal Medical Center & Emergency Hospital in Indio as the only 24-hour emergency hospital and we raced the near lifeless dog to Indio, during which time my wife was applying "mouth to snout" resuscitation.

The Mojave green is especially venomous with both a neurotoxin and hemotoxin. Despite the critical condition of the dog upon admittance, the staff began providing a level of care that kept us believing that Dexter could recover. This care continued for days as Dexter began to show small and steady signs of improvement.

The VCA staff cared for this dog for seven days, during which time Dexter fully recovered despite the overwhelming odds of the survival. Doctors Ann Eliopulos, Marlena Folden and Peter Eddy are to be commended for their skills, training and professionalism. The Coachella Valley is very fortunate to have this facility and these doctors available for our animals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They saved the life of our dog and we will always be thankful.

Kevin and Marley Wong 

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The Doctors and Staff Saved My Life

-Susannah Brin from Cathedral City, CA
Pet Name: Dylan Thomas

On October 10, 2011 I, Dylan Thomas, poodle, went to the dog park with my Mom in Palm Springs. As usual we came home and Mom had errands to do. I waited for her by the door that leads into the garage. When mom came home I did not feel good at all. I could not even stand anymore and had to lie down. My mom knew something was wrong and called my doctor in Palm Springs. They had a gurney waiting for me. Dr. Turek and his staff took care of me. They told my Mom that I was bleeding inside and it could be a tumor on my spleen. They did a ultra-sound and confirmed that it was what they suspected.

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For doing everything possible to save my baby.

-Marisol from Cathedral city, CA
Pet Name: Hershey

I want to thank Dr. Ana Eliopulos and Alicia (I believe that's her name) for being understanding to my baby Hershey's needs and my self... Thank you for trying to save her life after being attacked by african bees. Dr. Eliopulos is so sweet and caring. Thank you I'm still so sad after losing her but I know she had the best care. Thanks

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Dr. Folden is our hero

-Suzi and Michael from La Quinta, CA
Pet Name: Charlie

Charlie swallowed a rock several months ago and our "other" vet never ordered and X-ray so we were unaware of why he was having so many issues. One night he was in bad shape (near death) and we rushed him to Valley Emergency at 4 am. Dr. Kennedy saved our puppy. He had become dehydrated and was in shock. She found the rock via X-ray withing 20 minutes! Dr. Folden performed surgery on our boy the next morning. His intestines and bowels were so damaged from the rock, we didn't know if he would ever recover. For the next several days Dr. Folden, Dr. Kennedy and Terri nursed him back to health. We are so grateful to them for the level of love and care they provide. They were in contact with us several times a day regarding his progress. God Bless you all!!

Thank You, Amber!

-Doug and Deborah Blackman from Gardnerville, NV
Pet Name: Jazz

While on vacation here in Palm Desert, our Golden Retriever "Jazz" suffered a cluster epileptic attack. Everyone at Valley Medical was thoughtful and caring. We especially want to thank Amber for her kindness and sincere care at this devastating time. Merry Christmas to you all!

you saved my life

-Spider from Indio, CA
Pet Name: Spider

Thank you so much for looking at my bad teeth and taking care of me immediately. You are a fine surgeon Dr. Williams. Everyone was very kind and helped me feel better so soon. All my human friends at VCA visited me in post op on Friday, March 20. Thanks again for all your help to get me going again.