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    Kirsten R

    Kirsten was born and raised in the Coachella Valley.

    Right after graduating from La Quinta High School, she enrolled at California Baptist University where she majored in Biology with a concentration in environmental science. While in college, Kirsten interned at the Mary S. Roberts Adoption Center in Riverside. She helped socialize animals and fostered many.

     Kirsten has been a die hard animal lover since she was a little girl. Growing up, her dream was to become a marine biologist. Every summer, she would stay with her grandparents in Long Beach, CA and swim in the ocean for hours at a time with her grandfather.

    She is happiest when she is with her two cats and dog- Micah, Laila, and Harlow.

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    Evelyn C

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    Monique F

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    Liz G

    Lizette was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and has lived here in the valley for three years.

    After graduating high school Liz attended Milan Institute and is a licensed massage therapist.

    Now that Liz is an employee at VCA she aspires to be a Veterinarian.

    Liz’s passion for animals started at home, having a big animal family including two birds, red tail boa and Duchess a
    Maltese. When not at work Liz enjoys spending time with her animals.

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    Mathew, R

    Matthew Reyes has been with VCA since September of 2013. His outgoing personality makes him a perfect fit for the client services department. Not only is he a very hard working and driven individual, but he genuinely cares for everyone and everything. He loves to make people smile and makes it a mission to make sure every person he comes in contact with laughs. He has a plethora of passions and interests ranging from volunteering at Martha’s Village and Kitchen, which is the largest provider of homeless services in the Coachella Valley to obsessing over Beyonce’s every move. His compassion and wisdom are way beyond his years. All these attributes make him a unique addition and valuable asset to the VCA team. Although, his dreams and aspirations change from day to day, we are sure that whatever he ends up deciding to do with his life, he is going to do amazing.

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    Jessica T