Indio Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Supervisor

    Michael S

    Michael has always had an affinity for pets of all kinds. Over the years, Michael has adopted four dogs, four cats, three birds, some tropical fish, and a rabbit, as well as fostering over 50 dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, a lion cub, hamsters, mice, turtles, and a couple guinea pigs tossed in!
    After 25 years supporting local (Los Angeles and San Diego) pet adoption groups, and a 5 year association with the Los Angeles Animal Services’ West Los Angeles Shelter where he provided kennel support, adoption support, volunteer training and other services, Michael joined Valley Animal Medical Center as the Kennel Supervisor.
    Overseeing Valley Animal Medical Center’s boarding, grooming, daycare and upcoming training services, Michael and the staff strive to provide excellent client service and superior care for the pets entrusted to us.

  • Kennel Assistant

    Caitlin C

  • Kennel Assistant

    Sarah C

  • Kennel Assistant

    Monica P

  • Kennel Assistant

    Amy S

    My name is Amy,

    I was raised here in the Coachella Valley. I have four doggies, three are Chihuahuas, and their names are Cinnamon, Shiny and Cookie. Also a German Shepard named Frito-Lay’s.

    I have two older brothers and eight nephews and nieces. I enjoy cooking and baking and coming up with new dishes to try. I also love to surround myself with my family.

    I have always had a passion for pets. I love taking my babies out for a drive and enjoying the fresh air. I am extremely happy that I am working here at VCA Valley; it’s truly a great place to work as well as my home away from home.

  • Groomer

    Brittny Caputo

    My name is Brittney and I absolutely love animals.

    It started at a very young age when my dad and I spent more time camping then at home. My dad passed on his love for animals. He and I were constantly rescuing animals, everything from nursing hawks back to health, to helping the local feral kittens. We enjoyed hiking with our dogs just to enjoy the beautiful sights of nature and wild life.

    I have a passion for helping animals. Seeing an animal in need just breaks my heart and I instantly try everything to help.

    Before I was old enough to work I would foster animals, volunteer at shelters and pet sit. I got a job at a pet store when I was old enough where I got to put my passion to better use.

    I learned how to groom dogs and helped animal’s everyday.

    It warms my heart to groom a matted dog or see a poodle strut its stuff after grooming.

    I finally landed my dream job here at VCA Valley Animal Medical Center where I can do what I love. Helping animals everyday and making owners happy.

  • Groomer

    Leann Schigas

    Leann joined VCA Valley in June of 2013, she has been grooming for the past seven years. Leann was brought up around the grooming business; as a young girl she learned from her mother. Leann was brushing out dogs and cutting their nails at a very young age.

    Throughout high school, Leann worked as a bather and perfected her skills as a groomer.

    Leann states, "I see grooming as an art. I really enjoy working with animals and being able to make them look and feel better."