Client Services

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Denise Shifflett

    Denise just came back to the VCA University family in Dec 2013. She started working here in 1999. She worked here part time, going to NOVA, and going other jobs such as babysitting, cleaning houses and landscape. Shortly after she realized she wanted to work here full time and have a career in the Veterinary field. She became Head Customer Service Representative, Event Planner and cross trained as a vet assistant. Unfortunately she took another job in June 2010. She was missing her team members and clients at VCA University and  was hoping there was a job opportunity back home. Luckily there was.

    "The reason why I work at VCA University Veterinary Clinic is working with a great team that shares the same values for caring and helping clients and their pets. There is a special bond I share with our clients and their pets, it is like no other. I wake up each morning and I cannot wait to talk to clients and love on their pets. It is a joy meeting new clients and their furry little friends. I love what I do and this is home."

  • Client Service

    Crystal Benton

    Crystal recently relocated to Northern VA from Virginia Beach in 2016. She graduated from ECPI University with a B.S. in Healthcare Administration, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration. Crystal has 2 dogs, Hardy and Bella, who are always on the move and keep her on her toes. Outside of work, Crystal enjoys studying, listening to music, reading, and being outdoors with her friends and family.

    Why I work at VCA: Since I was young I have always been an animal person. From sneaking cats in my room, to finding baby birds, I’ve always had a passion to help animals. Working for VCA I am able to build relationships with our clients and their fur-babies. Being a part of this wonderful team is one of the greatest experiences I’ve had, and am absolutely enjoying being able to touch the lives of so many families by providing the best customer service and care to our clients and their families.

  • Client Service

    Aditi Gupta

    Aditi has been a native Northern Virginian since she was born. She has recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, with a B.S. in Psychology. She is interested in pursuing her degree further in the field of medicine and working with children. Aditi became a part of the VCA family in July 2014. In her spare time, she enjoys working with and volunteering at the Fairfax County Fire Department, and is currently pursuing her EMT Certification. Although she doesn’t have one, she is actively in search of a companion and friend to call her own.

    “The reason why I started at VCA University Veterinary Clinic is that I had a passion to immerse myself within the medical field regardless of who my patient was. I have quickly grown to love my VCA family and patients, which has ignited my interest in veterinary care and practice. There is always something special about pets, and it makes me happy helping them feel better from whatever they may be suffering from. It is awesome working with such a dedicated and hard working team, as well as, meeting new and interesting clients daily. I am glad to be a part of the VCA University Veterinary Clinic family.”

  • Client Service

    Ginny O'Shea

    Prior to joining our team, Ginny worked as a cafeteria manager at a high school for 24 years, had an FBI document job for 3 years and was a cub scout/boy scout leader. She has been with VCA since 1997. Her roles in the hospital include greeting client and their pets and making them feel welcome. She loves animals and likes to see them live long and healthy, active lives. Her current animal companions are 4 shelties and 1 cat. In her spare time, her shelties do agility. She is also a member of northern Virginia sheltie rescue since 2002 and has fostered dogs since. She ended up keeping two shelties she fostered.

    "The reason why I work at VCA University Veterinary Clinic is that I had been a client for about a decade. I was picking up multiple meds for multiple pets and joked that I should work as volunteer. The response was that they were interviewing the next day for a part time position. I had a full time job. I felt the staff had wonderful customer service of my favorite topics.
    I hope we still do because that was almost 17 years ago"


  • Client Service

    Elizabeth Troncoso

    Elizabeth was the manager at VCA Beacon Hill Cat Hospital for 3 years or so, a client service representative at Alexandria Animal Hospital for 3 years or so and accountant for 15 years and a banker for 5 years before joining our team. She has been with VCA now for 10 years. She loves everything about her job, especially touching people’s lives. She enjoys being a part of the healing process of pets. Her current animal companions are Nino, a dachshund, and 5 cats named Pablo, CoCo Chanel, Tomasina, Sandy and Jackson. Outside of work, she likes to volunteer at cat orphanages. She also likes to fly kites, fish and read, but most of all; she loves to spread the love of God!

    “The reason why I work at VCA University Veterinary clinic is because we offer THE BEST VETERINARY CARE for our furry family members and with love and kindness reflected in each team member - by actions and by words. You can feel the HEART of our hospital from the front lobby to the back boarding and Treatment areas. It's a true Blessing when you wake up happy and actually look forward to going to work, especially knowing we are all so grateful to be part of something so wonderful - part of helping little souls!"