Fairfax Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Manager

    Sir Thomas Cooley

    Canine Accommodation Technician (C.A.T.)

    Thomas is our resident grey tabby.  He has been a member of our team since 2011.  Thomas takes his C.A.T. duties seriously.  Once a spot has been made up for a canine boarder, Thomas goes in and personally inspects to ensure the bed and bowls are up to par.

    Thomas enjoys long naps on top of the blanket pile and his Whisker Lickins treats.

    "The reason I work for VCA University Veterinary Clinic is because it is the only hospital that has recongnized my executive leadership skills. My promotion to kennel manager has enabled me to tell dogs what to do and in a cats world, that is the best. My motto has always been "Cats Rule...Dogs Drool!. VCA University Veterinary Clinic has the finest boarding facility as long as I am in charge."