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By VCA University
Published: December 20, 2012

As you know, Hurricane Sandy recently hit our area. Although the storm did not have a drastic effect on our immediate vicinity, it did devastate communities to our north which caused many animals to be displaced, injured, or in serious need of help.

Two of our team members, Mike Gomez and Mary O’Gray, were so deeply moved by the images of the devastation the storm left behind that they single-handedly started collecting pet supplies and monetary donations. We continuously collect donations for soldiers overseas as well as local human societies but we put all that on hold for a few weeks so Mike and Mary could put their plan in place.

We set up a collection center and put up signs, once the word was out the donations started piling up. So much so that our lounge became an oasis of pet supplies, beds, pet food, pet toys, crates and bowls.

Mike and Mary also managed to collect over $850 from a variety of sources including our employees, clients and friends. Mike then contacted the Volunteer Auxiliary Shelter for Animals in Tom’s River, New Jersey to see if they could use some help. This organization concentrates on animals left behind after the storm to ensure they have food to eat, shelter and any medical attention they may need. Mike eventually made the trip up there to deliver all the supplies. Because of the enormous generosity of our staff and clientele, we still receive donations and will be making another trip to New Jersey over the Christmas Holiday.

Thanks Mike and Mary, you certainly went above and beyond!